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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 11-02-2020

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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-11-08
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This Week:
Selection Chaos on Track
Agent Jolie
As Winter Beckons
Web Nav Primer - WikiTied

Strip One. Selection Chaos on Track

As much of the peasant population ebbs and flows with the daily news cycle and the US selection process appears to be going as planned. Poised rioters, accused tampering, and partisan pandering fueling tensions heating up with surprisingly profound patience in a holding pattern is the general tone, with some exhaustion and relief mixed in.

Both proposed next top presidential puppets had already claimed they won more or less with the bulk of corporate media naming puppet blue as their winner to "seal the deal". It appears Biden has "won". It is clear that we will have plenty more tragic drama entertainment to view as the coming months play out with swing state court cases, lawsuits, unrest and many other sub-plots stacked into the show. Most on both sides of the two party delusion isle think the court system angle is unlikely to work.

Hard Times (satire)

Strip Two. Agent Jolie

Hollywood icon, CFR member and spook Angelina Jolie did a notable interview weeks back. It is worth review now as it applies to the presidential selection process. While many fans are enchanted by her wiles few know how deep in statecraft this famous actor and video game idol is.

Whichever celebrities you worship, they are likely in on some shady practices as well, may be a good time to reassess some of your idols. This is reported well by the James' in the New World Next Week episode linked below.

New World Next Week with the James'

Strip Three. As Winter Beckons

What would you do if it is a Dark Winter as some are predicting. Have you thought about it. Where does your food come from. What if the electricity went out for a week or weeks. Not the things many want to think of, I am not fear mongering, in fact reacting with fear is the worst way to answer these questions. Fortune favors the prepared as they say. What if the food stores shut down, my bet is that most would go to the food lines.

Hopefully most people I know will be warm and fed through the Winter without a hitch. It is possible that the warnings are fear mongering as scared people are easier to manipulate. It was not long ago when the idea of having Winter food stored was standard and necessary for survival. Buying staples in bulk and cooking is a good way to save money and eat healthy. Some regions discourage wood stoves these days, it could be a good idea to know an alternate heating source for luck. The locations with a backup generator and fuel sure would be useful in an extended power outage. Imagine how many would loose their cookies if the Internet was down for a week... or more.

It seems pretty likely that most will be fine through the cold season into spring, it has been unpredictable so far, you could live week to week and hope for the best, roll the dice, trust the emergency food distribution and services in a pinch, it appears the majority will, will you. Being divided from friends, family and others because of politics or ideology seems like a hard fail, I recommend mending fences if this has happened to you, however things unfold we are better together and prepared, better safe than sorry.

Really Graceful (new release)

Strip Four. Web Nav Primer - WikiTied

As prime time Internet takes its hold over the virtual path of least resistance that we call The Web more and more sign posts along the path show a familiar pattern. Familiar at least to those who have spent enough hours clicking through the information highway. Is it a nerd, is it a troll, no. It is Wikipedia, among others, there are notices from the various thought police appointee delegates of acceptable coherence on a wide variety of presumed important topics strewn about most of the "Main Street" of the Internet.

These "sign posts" are easy enough to spot, they are little foot notes tied to content from the speech police on videos, tweets, posts, comments, all over the place. They are from the likely players in the corporate big tech monopolies, the logos are easy to spot. Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, ... and all the incorporated "authoritative" fact checkers lining up like ducks in a row to direct everyone to the one true acceptable thought conglomerate.

Being one that has long past learned to scan past the advertising while digging for information on said highway it was a natural course to file these attempts as just another stealth method to advertise and skip past them instinctively. Though not directly, it is advertising in the way that the weekly news cycle changes Wall Street and other markets, the narrative is worth small fortunes day to day. On the important days the narrative is worth billions, it is the way this stealth advertising works, by tending the narrative.

In the bernaysian psychology of the collective information is everything, history is written week to week and incrementally added as we go. It appears very difficult for most to have time for or to even see this dynamic of stealth narrative advertising as we all go through our busy lives. Week by week, year by year, they make history, just like that, with the daily news cycle whatever the population becomes collectively convinced of as the truth is written into the history books. Or at least the convenient truth that the keepers of the books approve. Which is becoming more WikeTied and filtered at a rapid pace these days. Then there is the related alarming issue with Google Books and the HathiTrust encroaching on libraries, explained in the video linked below.


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