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Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 7-27-2020

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Published: 2020-08-01
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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 7-27-2020

This Week: Doctors in DC, Del Bigtree Takedown, Alien DNA / Daemon Sperm, Maxwell document release, Meanwhile, protests continue.

Strip One:

Doctors in DC

America's Frontline Doctors on Monday July 27th, presented compelling testimony at a press release in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC of potential treatments being suppressed among other information.

Apparently it was too much information. Tuesday morning the video of the press release was censored quickly when it started trending by Facebook, Youtube, Google and Twitter.

Once censored, the video was mostly removed from the beaten path of the internet, though many were chattering about it. The removal of the video being the more important story for some. The doctors website and some other accounts also got taken down, like the Youtube channel of Del Bigtree.

The video was available in many less corporate sites and replicated in many places quickly. So many who wanted to see it appeared to be able to, you can see it at the link below for now.

Strip Two:

Del Bigtree Takedown

Following the takedown of the doctors on Monday, early Tuesday July 25th, Del Bigtree, while red eyed from an all nighter working on censorship, production and infrastructure issues, released an update video on the events of Monday among some other relevant info.

It was one of his best videos, largest viewership (self proclaimed) and was already getting lots of views and shares. After the live broadcast was over facebook took down the video.

In the video, after speaking of the previous days censorship, he had an interview with Jenny Beth Martin who is the organizer of America's Frontline Doctors Summit and co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots. There were several other things of note and footage from the doctors summit in the video.

Del Bigtree is in the process of rebuilding infrastructure after the takedown. The video can be seen in the links below. The full video is on his website.

Interview with Jenny Beth Martin:

Whole video:

Strip Three:

Alien DNA / Daemon Sperm

By Wednesday the webwaves were laden with chatter, memes, photos about alien dna and daemon sperm slamming the reputation of one of the prominent Frontline Doctors. Dr Stella Immanuel took a beating by media outlets, the first image is from a video you can pretty easily find online, I watched a good portion, the criticism may be juvenile, but is not without merit, she is pretty out there and clearly religious right. I think she would make a good punk band lead.

We probably still should not just gloss over mention that 350 patients recovered under her watch, if it was placebo faith healing, good for them, you decide. Meanwhile, those who were interested listened to the other doctors if/when they could access the information.

There were also intermittent unrequested seeds from china memes and stories like the ones linked below from the Colorado Department of Agriculture via The Denver Post and The Guardian.

Both stories continued to ripple a bit through the end of the week.

Strip Four:

Maxwell document release

Then there was the Ghislaine Maxwell document release reported widely Friday. It got some brief exposure on corporate media like Newsweek. Better explained by Luke @ We Are Change, after all he has been following the story for as long as most, he even went to the Epstein's Island as a journalist and got some footage.

Luke's Take:

Looks like the documents can be accessed tediously here at the Giuffre v. Maxwell case from Free Law Project:

Strip Five:

Meanwhile, protests continue

Being busy this week with other stories and work I will defer to Josh Friedman, who is doing good work covering the protests on the West Coast, most of this strip is from LA and is his footage.

The protests seem to have calmed down and become much more peaceful as the feds thinned out, then became hard to find at the end of the week.

Last photo is unknown origin, from a friend of a friend on social media. Grandmas against fascism.