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Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 10-5-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-11
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This Week:
Michigan Supreme Court Ruling
NYC Jewish Community Protest
Mothers of CRISPR science
Etymology - Logos

Strip One. Michigan Supreme Court Ruling

In Michigan on Monday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer asked the State Supreme Court to clarify an opinion nullifying coronavirus restrictions, attempting to delay the effective date of the ruling until October 30th. The ruling takes effect immediately revoking the emergency orders, so it appears futile legally. Though there may still be some slight of hand tricks at the State level. At least one County is implementing new rules to continue some of the edicts, the key lawyer Katherine Henry announced tentative plans to challenge these Counties.

Whitmer had already been getting lots of pressure from the nursing home policy implemented. Towards the end of the week Whitmer and company were seen scrambling to validate their previous overreachings with a bundle of regulation to try passing in the near future.

Todd Spangler reports - Detroit Free Press

Lauren Gibbon reports -

Strip Two. NYC Jewish Community Protest

This week some of the Jewish community in New York City protested about the extended lockdown edict. Many community leaders and folks came out for a peaceful protest and there is at least one large lawsuit on the burner.

The four videos below do a good job of reporting on the issue so I will leave the details to them. This is an interesting development worth watching as it progresses.

Daily Caller

New York Post

TRT World (about the lawsuit)

Luke @ WeAreChange

Strip Three. Mothers of CRISPR science

Seems relevant to the times this news of a Nobel Prize in germline genome editing with CRISPR tech. New advancements are being made and promoted rapidly now. The article posted below is a main stream report, though well done with some good information once you are aware of the narrow bias. The article leans heavily into the arm wrestling match over the prize award and the patent controversy while quickly glazing over the vast significance of scientific developments being made in the field of bacterial immune system genome editing, not all are eager to jump head first into the unclear waters, there is obviously much more to this story, the article linked below is a limited hang out, reading between the lines is recommended.

"But such “germline genome editing” could be carried out for characteristics that have nothing to do with disease. Doudna was so concerned about the possibility of using CRISPR to create “designer babies” that she led efforts to get experts to come to grip with that prospect — though she now says she supports germline editing for therapeutic purposes. A 2017 report from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences concluded that there are no ethical or scientific reasons to bar such germline editing for therapeutic purposes, but not for “enhancement.”"

"CRISPR has more mothers and fathers than Doudna and Charpentier, who have won a slew of predictive prizes for their work turning a bacterial immune system into a DNA editor. For example, Virginijus Šikšnys of Vilnius University shared the 2018 $1 million Kavli Prize in nanoscience for his CRISPR work. And Zhang of the Broad is more widely cited than the above three, another measure of impact."

Article at

Reported on #newworldnextweek by the James' at video time 12:50

Strip Four. Etymology - Logos

Communication has seemed more difficult this year as fear and misinformation has taken its toll on the effectiveness of speech. Though in some situations people are communicating easier and expanding these abilities many have digressed in the most basic of communication skills due to various forms of xenophobia, often mixed with fear.

Maybe going back to basics is the key. The song by Hugo linked below is a great entertaining breakdown of etymology and logos well worth watching. A solid comprehension of both of these words and how much a part of every day life they are is useful along side of pushing your xenophobia away it can help communication by peeps and sounds.

Hugo the Poet does an excellent song breakdown on Etymology and Logos

Led Zeppelin - Communication Breakdown etymology logos

Xtra. National Debt Reaches 27 trillion
This week the debt officially reached 27 trillion as the oligarchs breeze into the 21st century with a boon.


Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 9-28-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-04
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This Week:
Bias Powered Fallacy
Social Media Alternatives
Cirque du Débat
Prez Bio-Hazard

Strip One. Bias Powered Fallacy

When navigating the Internet and social media sites how do we best discern between hype, misinformation and valid information? These days even common news stations and authoritative sources are lying and misleading people constantly, fact checkers playing traffic cop and sales associates for corporations more than checking facts. How does one navigate this field of information, misinformation, fact, fiction and all other manner of speech with any clarity of mind.

One of the best tools I have found is the basic knowledge of bias and fallacy, once you are clear on most common biases and fallacies it is much easier discerning between the riff and the raff, screening off the chaff. The two sites below are what I call essential knowledge for navigating the Internet these days. There is no comparison between the Internet I navigated before learning the power of bias/fallacy and the Internet I navigate now that I can spot most of them.

Really, the importance of this can't be understated, these crucial skills will make the Internet and people in general easier to communicate with, highly recommended.

Bias flash cards website

Fallacy flash cards website

Strip Two. Social Media Alternatives

Everyone grouped into a few online social media sites seemed like a great idea, I really enjoyed in the early days of social media, it enhanced my life and empowered my connectivity. When I finally decided to get onto facebook it was useful, much different than, more family, friends and folks to be found, I even reconnected with many folks I had lost contact with.

It was years before I questioned it much, the dynamic that started my distrust of the platform was when I wanted to share information with my friends that was contrary to some hidden algorithmic corporate narrative the platform is pushing. In the most popular social platforms going against corporate narratives is blatantly discouraged, shadow banned, tagged as misinformation, false, or partly false. Often even for hotly debated and/or unsettled topics in favor of the social media company politics or its favored affiliates/partners.

There is no one stop shop to try and get away from all of this, there are many small social media sites trying to honor free speech with new ones starting up all over the Internet, though you either get social bubble networks that turn into choir singing pulpits or disaster areas with no moderation and hate speech going off the rails. There is no one solution and rightly so, because if there was the corporations would buy it up and lock it down to their motives. You may find that a small group of friends that you get to communicate with freely is better than a large group of friends that you barely reach because of filtering and censorship when you try to communicate with them.

All I can recommend is to branch out, support the small networks, no need to leave the corporate social media if it still works for you, just start supporting the smaller networks, try some out. Use the websites of people you follow that have websites. In recent months I have seen many friends frustrated with censorship fleeing to other networks. None are perfect, all are susceptible to being bought out and suppressed by the same corporations.

Some sites, friends and journalists are branching out to include,,,,, Let me know of any more you like, the blockchain based solutions bring up many neat ideas on supporting content creators and fans by just using the sites, almost the opposite of corporate models, a couple of these are linked below. (youtube alternative) (facebook alternative)

Strip Three. Cirque du Débat

It never ceases to baffle me how so many folks get all hyped up on the quadrennial selection of the prez. It is all fun and games up until you isolate from your friends, family, associates or acquaintances based on the horse race. The debate last week was no exception, the act has digressed substantially.

Having read many opinions from both sides, double-sided and without sides it is still smoke and mirrors to me, a dog and pony show, Santa Claus for adults, until there is a leader I would like, respect and want it looks like a trick. Bait and switch. In any case it seems to me like your friends, family, associates or acquaintances are worth way more than any of these race horses, defy divisiveness.

Strip Four. Prez Bio-Hazard

The prez got the rona which makes him a bio-hazard if defined by some factions of modern scientism, this has lead to a flurry of memes and theories. Too soon to call but the spinsters have only begun. The announcement coming out on October first has some thinking this is the October surprise though in a year like this with a surprise every month how would we know, I remain braced for multiple surprises this month.


Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 9-21-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-09-27
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This Week:
Corporate Media Exodus
Assange Trial
Susceptible to Division
Your Movement has been Hijacked

Strip One. Corporate Media Exodus

Twenty Twenty has seen several waves of people fleeing the common social media platforms corporate search bubbles seeking greener bit pastures. Unfortunately the saying about greener grass is true in this regard, there is no magic wand to better services as any who have endeavored for greener pastures knows. Eventually you can find a better situation in the wider Internet and much more information than is available in the obvious or corralled part of the Internet, though it is more work usually and not easy to invite all of your friends.

To folks that have started or are planning on branching out from the common paths of the Internet to less censored places my advise is to not put all your bits in one basket. There are many platforms trying to create less censored and usable solutions that can use our support, so try some out, you have to start somewhere and so do these services.

Censored Journalists are some of the best scouts, so if you know a suppressed Journalist follow them to the services they are allowed to speak freely on. The field is moving, so rather than recommend any services I am recommending that you follow your favorite independent Journalists to whatever places they like as things move forward and branch out.

Strip Two. Assange Trial

The Julian Assange Trial has been happening all week, any real press freedom people are paying attention and reporting on it, not a bad litmus test to spot those that want Journalism to be a thing in the future.

You can get much of the play by play last week from Consortium News who by their own words are on the story "Consortium News is virtually “inside” the courtroom at Old Bailey, viewing the proceedings by video-link and has filed this report on Day Fourteen of Julian Assange’s resumed extradition hearing." If extradited he will apparently end up in Colorado.

Consortium News (Last weeks trial reports are on their homepage at the time of this writing)

Consortium News (Day Fourteen)

Strip Three. Susceptible to Division

Would you know if you were susceptible to nefarious divisive agendas? Are there symptoms?

Of course they exist, from as far back as humanity remembers there are tales of dividing the people for numerous foul plots. What less people realize is the small amount of tyrants that would wittingly use such tact and how easy it is to discern the difference once attuned.

It is a long cherished pet peeve of mine, the common folks fear of the "Other". Probably because I caught myself indulging in these self destructive dogmatic beliefs numerous times, elusive is the phobia of peers across from you and numerous are the idiom threads to sew such division, some spanning millennia. To think we, you or I have traversed this chasm is most likely a lesson in futility or a fools folly as tribalism is in our nature. Though nobody likes to think they are being used as a tool unwittingly.

For whomever may have read this far thinking they are immune, you are not. The transcended have already left the bit battle and could care less of narratives or agendas. So in a nutshell you are susceptible and always will be, as am I, the threads are sewn into society along side the threads of good will and common courtesy we need only learn the difference and defy divisiveness by seeking common ground.

Strip Four. Your Movement has been Hijacked

It can't happen to you, your movement is the serine one, you have invested so much thought, friendship, comradery and the vast many other dynamics of human nature into what brought you to this point in it after all. I really know you did, as I did and do, we all do, at least any that have/do/will care enough to be active in any movement.

Would you know if your movement was being hijacked by a less worthy purpose than you signed up for? What signs would you even be looking for? If you know where the money is coming from you have a good start, follow the money is still a great tool for insight.

When I saw live footage in Minnesota months back of protesters passing a lawyers number around it was a red flag of some wealthy agenda in the works, now months later with many other concerning puppet strings located through the barrage of xenophobic propaganda, punditry and divisive media digression into verbal acrobatics glossing over the fact of blood and chaos on the streets. Do you think it matters which side of the duality you are on, which color the pawn.

Maybe folks just don't know or remember that this is how regime change wars usually start, don't wait until there are bombed out cities to realize this.

And for so many other observations, beyond the scope of this writing, if you fear the mythical other across from you, segregated by divisions of race, politics or ideology, I regret to inform you that:

Your movement has been hijacked!

Xtra: Digressions in Boulder
Boulder Colorado went into trials of new unusual authoritarian edicts to local peasants with digressed rights of gathering and more mandatory peasant wardrobe rules from the newly installed health sector government that now apparently thinks they run the State.

Feel free to contact me with any corrections, insights or stories you think I should cover next week.  

Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 9-14-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-09-20
From: source url

This Week:
Nuremberg Laws
Australian Totalitarianism
Freedom Revival in the Heartland Rally
Southwestern US bird die off

Strip One. Nuremberg Laws

In the last months I have heard more talk about the Nuremberg Trials than ever in my life. Many think we are well overdue for a day when tyranny has consequences among our leadership. Without some kind of tar and feather penalty there is little to no incentive to stay honest in government, it shows like neon lighting these days in the USA.

The chances that we will have some 21st century version of the Nuremberg Trials is increasing by the day. One of the most important mandates coming from this era and the Nuremberg Laws is the fact that "just following orders" is not a valid defense against accusation of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Another important mandate from the laws is the clarification that human experimentation requires consent. We have clearly accepted these concepts as crucial to the definition of humane since the 1940s though both are still far too common of crimes small, large and sometimes even centralized corporate crime around the globe in the 21st Century with many in US political circles wearing the war criminal badge and sleeping at night feeling much safer than the families and sometimes whole cultures of their victims.

From John Prine - "That's How Every Empire Falls"
Padlock the door and board the windows, put the people in the street
"It's just my job," he says, "I'm sorry," and draws a check, goes home to eat
At night he tells his woman, "I know I hide behind the laws"
She says, "You're only taking orders", that's how every empire falls

American Historical Association - EM 11: What Shall Be Done with the War Criminals? (1944)

Wikipedia page on Superior Orders

John Prine - "That's How Every Empire Falls"

That's How Every Empire Falls (Marianne Faithfull)

Strip Two. Australian Totalitarianism

Australia is still leading the Western World in brutality and overstepping. Gaining lots of unwanted attention when they shook down farmers markets and placed heavy police presence and patrols on the farmers markets that they did not shake down brutalize and harass.

The message looks clear enough, farmers markets are being treated like criminals in Australia. From way over here in the USSA there is not much we can do or say other than to express our solidarity with the oppressed farmers in Australia and call out the brutality as what it is "terrorism". Remaining silent can only lead to one outcome in my opinion, this will come here soon enough, speak up for Australia if you care about this, don't wait until it is here.

Australian farmers market shake down among murmurs of rice shortage

Strip Three. Freedom Revival in the Heartland Rally

Kansas appears to have some health conscious folks that are not looking willing to follow the new abnormal corporate health agenda as the Freedom Revival in the Heartland Rally shows. These kind Kansans appear to be ready to lead the nation in groundbreaking new research and development of more sane solutions that even I (a dedicated naturalist) would be more likely to use.

Kansas Rally (live video)
48:00 Toby Rogers PHD speaks about safety
Part 2

Kansans for Health Freedom Site

Strip Four. Southwestern US bird die off

The Southwestern US has been having a daunting increase of dead migratory birds. Many attribute it to the wildfires and rightfully so as this would effect them. Though most solely blame the fires, there is plenty of reason to consider multiple causes.

Dr. Martha Desmond, a biology professor at New Mexico State University (NMSU), told The Guardian that the die-off, which was first detected in late August, is a "national tragedy."

"We’re kind of coming at them from all sides," Salas told The Guardian. "If we don’t do anything to protect their habitat we’re going to lose large numbers of the populations of several species." - Allison Salas

Though I am sure the chilling effect of recent censorship has stopped many from asking the obvious question regarding RF, I sure will. There is a long history of suspecting magnetic compass issues in birds with increasing RF frequency pollution. Read more on this in the nature and sciencemag articles linked below.

"Weak radio waves in the medium-wave band are sufficient to disrupt geomagnetic orientation in migratory birds, according to a particularly well-controlled study. But the underlying biophysics remains a puzzle."

NM Twitter thread with video, links, and some interesting discussion

News story out of Grand Junction covering SW Colorado (Sep 15)

Radio waves zap the biomagnetic compass (Nature May 2014)

Electronic Smog Disorients European Robins (May 2014)

Why are dead birds falling from the sky? (April 2020 w/lots of World wide reference cases listed)

As a side note on Saturday (the time of this writing) the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was trending, the memes and spin had already started, good, bad and ugly jumping into the fray.


Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 9-7-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-09-13
From: source url

This Week:
Moderna Patent / Astra Zeneca Trials
Netflix Gets Called Out
Rocky Mountains Freeze / West Coast Burns
Nine Eleven Anniversary

Strip One. Moderna Patent

After new information surfaced about a Moderna lipid nanoparticles patent scandal, there was also news about the Astra Zeneca trials which appears to have been delayed due to a single case with adverse symptoms of transverse myelitis in Europe. Neither story is entirely clear and not much seems to be changing yet on any large scale, by Saturday, Sep 12 the time of this writing, reports were surfacing of the Oxford University trial resuming. We will likely hear more on both of these stories (linked below) in the near future.

Strip Two. Netflix Gets Called Out

A new series release at Netflix gets called out by many people as far too exploitative of children. If you have heard any of the conversations this is a generous assessment, most of the opposing critiques consider it grotesque. I will not be watching it.

With 90% rating of the 30 "professional" critique reviews opposing the 5% rating of 423 public audience reviews it was not looking good last week for public opinion. Frankly I fail to see this as a primarily alt-right issue as some in media would try to depict, many walks of society are appalled.

Luke @ WeAreChange Reports

Strip Three. Rocky Mountains Freeze / West Coast Burns

The jet stream decided to take a trip to The Gulf of Mexico last week making it to Colorado by Monday night, it had fire fighters in the Rockies relieved and gardeners frustrated. California and Oregon folks are still fighting massive fires and breathing smoke filled air wishing some moisture had hit the West Coast.

Diamond at Oppenheimer Ranch Project reports on the storm and fires Monday, with a followup on Tuesday.

Strip Four. Nine Eleven Anniversary

Eighteen years after the twin towers fell with more than 1/2 of the country questioning the official story and no sign of the compliant public officials changing their tune of denial. Let us take this as a measure of how much integrity the politicians in DC have and how much they intend on being honest. Regime change wars and the 9/11 commission report are high among my measures of integrity in Federal Government.

New Annual Corbett Report 9/11 Release

Xtra: Suspicions0bservers did a fun satire video this week


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