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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 8-10-2020

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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-08-16
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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 8-10-2020

This Week: SaveTheChildren, Protests, Sputnik V, Sturgis, Misc wrap up notes

Strip One. SaveTheChildren

Up from underground, SaveTheChildren has picked up lots of steam. The movement has been picking up speed for weeks. Early this week it started trending on social media, notably on facebook and twitter. It caught the attention of corporate media, notably the New York Times and Rolling Stone articles (linked below) that were quick to spin it for the pundits and downplay the movement going as far as calling them "false fears about child exploitation" in the first paragraph (NYT). Seems a bit broad stroked and generalized already.

The whole cast of bit burning censors seemed to rally and spin or suppress the trend and beat it back underground with the standard array of fact checking, shadow banning, twitter trend suppression, etc.

Last I checked this issue was around before "Q" ever was, unless we are talking about the guy from Star Trek. If this brings attention to the issue, what is the problem. So far it has raised issues like the petition to remove a toy doll from the Trolls Hasbro franchise and gotten the attention of the media. Corporate Media has been glossing over this for years and clearly will try again, what/who are they protecting.

One thing is clear. Corporate media is more concerned about what they call misinformation than child trafficing. Maybe their lack of coverage on the issue has something to do with their sponsors and affiliates. Just because a movement is not convenient for politics or money does not make it unjustified or wrong. So the hash tag has been hijacked. What? Are we copyrighting hash tags now. These people are pent up in their quarantines with a real issue they care about, my personal opinion is that the movement deserves its place as any other that has support, censors are the middlemen of "bad guys" in this story, and just in case you forgot. Epstein didn't kill himself.

ReallyGraceful video (toy doll from the Trolls Hasbro franchise)

NYT article (smear job)

Rolling stone (smear job)

Strip Two. Protests

Things have progressed and broadened of theme in the protests around the world. On top of the BLM protests there are now many other kinds of protesters coming out around the world, mostly about lockdown or restrictions with a few outliers.

We have some miscellaneous links below ranging from Rednecks chasing out small packs of Antifa in North Colorado, lockdown and overstepping backlash in Montreal and Liverpool, brutality in Belarus, community leaders breaking up a protest in Georgia, riots in Chicago, and unrest in Beirut after the port was destroyed by the explosion last week.

Since I usually miss some of the previous weekend, the links below start with some from last weekend. This is just the ones that stuck out this week, so much happing out there, please don't take offense if I missed your protest, movement or riot.

Ft. Collins, CO

Liverpool Freedom Protest (published Aug 8)

Montreal (published Aug 8)

Luke (reporting on Chicago)

Chicago Tesla dealership looting

Georgia (community leaders break up protest)

Beirut (after explosion, posted aug 10th, actual day not known)

Belarus (police brutality, unrest)

Strip Three. Sputnik V

Not a satellite, not State sponsored media, "Sputnik V" is the name of a new vaccine announced by Putin early in the week.

Maybe just a ploy to be first in the world to have a vaccine, it does seem a bit more rushed than other trials going on, some skepticism is due, though I think the larger story here is how this announcement shed light on the increasing reality of nationalist factions around the world competing for a slice of that juicy vaccine market share.

Some countries being less skeptical and/or more anxious for a solution are looking curious or even inviting to the roll out.

Reported by Luke @ WeAreChange (production in cuba)

Is Russia's Covid-19 Vaccine Sputnik 5 Ready For Takeoff? | News Unlocked With Rajdeep Sadesai | India Today article article

Strip Four. Sturgis

In Sturgis, SD the long famous biker festival is proceeding with its 80th Annual Motorcycle Rally almost as if 2020 was normal, though there are many signs of the times throughout the scene. I really can't help but think how abnormally normal this looks from the footage and reports.

Images from a friend at the site.

Sturgis 2020 | Antifa Arrives With SOUND site

Strip Five. Random wrap up notes

Absentee ballots, mail in voting, postal narrative kicked into full swing this week as the memes, mud and allegations flew. Not my expertise really, so I mostly take it all in without taking any sides. As a programmer that knows how easy proprietary code is to exploit. My stance has long been distrust in any vote count (mail/machine/counting system) that is without public audit support, start talking open source reviewable code and public access audit review for fraud and I am on board. While you are at it get your State to implement rank choice voting.

Kamala, well, the memes last week say plenty, I call foul, hard fail, nuff said.

TLAV youtube turbulence. Last American Vagabond was experiencing some difficulty keeping head up in corporate run social media venues, retreating to the backup channel and left looking to better future solutions. We will see what evolves, this is another sign post on the trail to decentralizing our internet habits before the beaten path is all gentrified.

640 Doctors congregated in Spain to call out fraud on the pandemic, it is not as impressive as the Frontline Doctors weeks back though interesting. As much as I would like to get excited about this, I tend to agree with the reddit thread (linked below) on this for now. Let's see more about their credentials and research before getting excited, though writing them off seems short sighted.

TLAV website

640 Doctors video page

Reddit Debunk thread

xtra (previous week stray tidbit):


Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 8-3-2020

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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-08-09
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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 8-3-2020

This Week: Googalien LOON spotted, Boom in Beirut, Science not for layman, Protesters, Lithium water for your sanity.

Strip One:

Googalien LOON spotted

Monday, was it a weather balloon, a UFO? Sorry no Pleiadians this time, so far no connections to Atlantis or Lemuria. It appears to be a LOON. Which means the connection is closer to Googaliens fluent in the ABC's of UAV communications.

Alphabet, INC that is. As the Wikipedia page says at the time of this writing.

"Loon LLC is an Alphabet Inc. subsidiary working on providing Internet access to rural and remote areas. The company uses high-altitude balloons in the stratosphere at an altitude of 18 km (11 mi) to 25 km (16 mi)to create an aerial wireless network with up to 1 Mbps speeds. A reference to the balloons used, Project Loon began as a research and development project by X (formerly Google X), but later spun out into a separate company in July 2018."

Not unheard of in Colorado skies, below is a link to a few YouTube/Vimeo links you can see including a Denver7 report from 2018.

Wikipedia page

SLV: (Vimeo)

UAP (youtube)

Denver7 – The Denver Channel (youtube)

Strip Two:

Boom in Beirut

No funny way to spin the Tuesday explosion in Beirut, early morning stories and cell footage were all over social media, as were speculative arm chair theorists (like me). Theories continued to go on throughout the week.

Between the controversial infrared and various other footage suggesting nearby aircraft there is no lack of food for the "remember Gulf of Tonkin" folks to ponder. I will reserve my opinion for later, though as many others I find the official narrative lacking. We will be hearing much more in the coming weeks. The below links are an Aug 4th twitter discussion and a borderline article that I don't really agree with, added because it links to lots of footage, etc.

Luke WeAreChange (Aug 4, Banter):

Veterans Today article (Aug 4, lots of footage and info amidst some precocious unconfirmed speculation)

Strip Three:

Science not for layman

Forbes encourages peasantry not to research for themselves. More contortionist narrative spinning apparently on the HCQ theme, with a bit of tunnel vision fluoride danger downplaying on the side.

The gall, such arrogance these wannabe empowered peasants. Research for themselves. The article was widely discussed in circles that sort propaganda as a mid week running joke. It does not take an expert in halftalk to sort out this blatant doublespeak.

Forbes article (archived on

Halftalk (definition on

Arguments for the pro open research minded.

Strip Four:


Protesters nation wide still happening, corporate media still worse than useless in coverage, either skipping or spinning things leaving most anyone relying on them uninformed or misinformed, business as usual basically.

You will be much better off following locals on social media or less corporate sources for word on the protests, regional locals have a much better idea what is really going on.

A couple links to Berlin protests at the end of last week, most in the US did not hear much until this week.

Josh Friedman is continuing live streaming though the week, worth a look for some of the LA area. The Oregonian is reporting pretty regularly.

As a side note, NYC implemented what some call totalitarian checks at key corridors into the city. This will likely effect protests.

Berlin Lockdown Protests (Aug 1st, last week, but worth noting)

Twitter thread, Berlin with banter and some live video, etc.

Josh Friedman (youtube channel)

The Oregonian (Today’s top takeaways)

Strip Five:

Lithium water for your sanity.

Meanwhile restrictions/immunities continue to be written, futuristic science developed, speculation on theories runs wild, bed setters glazing a hand full of sensitive spots down the censor hole of slumber, if you can spot these spots through the haze... hazing.

Looks like some scientists want to put lithium in our water. Wonder if this means they are worried about loosing the fluoride trials.

Regardless, the science is going on, the show goes on, drink your fluorine/lithium or whatever. The science fiction future is coming closer into view by the day. Hopefully not everyone will need lithium to cope. Maybe in the coming weeks I will cover robots and/or AI and nano-bioelectronics.


Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 7-27-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-08-01
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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 7-27-2020

This Week: Doctors in DC, Del Bigtree Takedown, Alien DNA / Daemon Sperm, Maxwell document release, Meanwhile, protests continue.

Strip One:

Doctors in DC

America's Frontline Doctors on Monday July 27th, presented compelling testimony at a press release in front of the Supreme Court in Washington DC of potential treatments being suppressed among other information.

Apparently it was too much information. Tuesday morning the video of the press release was censored quickly when it started trending by Facebook, Youtube, Google and Twitter.

Once censored, the video was mostly removed from the beaten path of the internet, though many were chattering about it. The removal of the video being the more important story for some. The doctors website and some other accounts also got taken down, like the Youtube channel of Del Bigtree.

The video was available in many less corporate sites and replicated in many places quickly. So many who wanted to see it appeared to be able to, you can see it at the link below for now.

Strip Two:

Del Bigtree Takedown

Following the takedown of the doctors on Monday, early Tuesday July 25th, Del Bigtree, while red eyed from an all nighter working on censorship, production and infrastructure issues, released an update video on the events of Monday among some other relevant info.

It was one of his best videos, largest viewership (self proclaimed) and was already getting lots of views and shares. After the live broadcast was over facebook took down the video.

In the video, after speaking of the previous days censorship, he had an interview with Jenny Beth Martin who is the organizer of America's Frontline Doctors Summit and co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots. There were several other things of note and footage from the doctors summit in the video.

Del Bigtree is in the process of rebuilding infrastructure after the takedown. The video can be seen in the links below. The full video is on his website.

Interview with Jenny Beth Martin:

Whole video:

Strip Three:

Alien DNA / Daemon Sperm

By Wednesday the webwaves were laden with chatter, memes, photos about alien dna and daemon sperm slamming the reputation of one of the prominent Frontline Doctors. Dr Stella Immanuel took a beating by media outlets, the first image is from a video you can pretty easily find online, I watched a good portion, the criticism may be juvenile, but is not without merit, she is pretty out there and clearly religious right. I think she would make a good punk band lead.

We probably still should not just gloss over mention that 350 patients recovered under her watch, if it was placebo faith healing, good for them, you decide. Meanwhile, those who were interested listened to the other doctors if/when they could access the information.

There were also intermittent unrequested seeds from china memes and stories like the ones linked below from the Colorado Department of Agriculture via The Denver Post and The Guardian.

Both stories continued to ripple a bit through the end of the week.

Strip Four:

Maxwell document release

Then there was the Ghislaine Maxwell document release reported widely Friday. It got some brief exposure on corporate media like Newsweek. Better explained by Luke @ We Are Change, after all he has been following the story for as long as most, he even went to the Epstein's Island as a journalist and got some footage.

Luke's Take:

Looks like the documents can be accessed tediously here at the Giuffre v. Maxwell case from Free Law Project:

Strip Five:

Meanwhile, protests continue

Being busy this week with other stories and work I will defer to Josh Friedman, who is doing good work covering the protests on the West Coast, most of this strip is from LA and is his footage.

The protests seem to have calmed down and become much more peaceful as the feds thinned out, then became hard to find at the end of the week.

Last photo is unknown origin, from a friend of a friend on social media. Grandmas against fascism.

OCOS - Week of 7-19-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-07-25
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Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 7-19-2020

To Mask or not to Mask. Know your gear edition.

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-07-13
From: source url

Short answer: I don't care about your silly quibbling match, here is some science, decide for yourself or quit the under qualified quibbling.

If you have to put this into partisan context, you will, it is what partisans do. Either way you will be much better suited to continue the discussion while saving face, if you at least know about the small mountain of science on the subject over previous decades, better yet, read some of it.

Lets start at the beginning briefly.

The subject has been scrutinized for over a hundred years. As can be seen in this work.

History of Surgical Face Masks
The myths, the masks, and the men and women behind them
John L. Spooner

Bringing it back to now, this is a relatively balanced and new study into the issue on the CDC site. At least knowing the discussion points near the end is a good idea in the case of any plague.

"It is essential to note that the mechanisms of person-to-person transmission in the community have not been fully determined. Controversy remains over the role of transmission through fine-particle aerosols..."

Moving on, here is a JSRM study in 2015 called "Unmasking the surgeons: the evidence base behind the use of facemasks in surgery". As well as many other related articles (note the Similar articles in PubMed section on the right and the healthy references list at the bottom, lots you could dig into from here).

So there you have it, all the science you can shake a stick at. If you really care about the issue, at least look through these a bit and know that there are many studies over previous decades on the subject.

All the videos and people you may see online, testing mask oxygen with meters, I will just call BS now, mostly anyway. You may find a few interesting details for R & D purposes, but the base premise is fallacy.

Just look at any altitude training or hiking guide with "Effective Oxygen %". Those meters are bleeping away at way higher rates than most Rocky Mountain folks can take at a jog. See this site with a good chart for perspective. A slightly higher elevation than Boulder, CO, for example would be bleeping away on some of those meters at 17% effective oxygen, flatlanders, sheesh.



My take on the whole issue is that knowledge of the existing science can't hurt.

To the no mask folks I say, what if there is a time in the future that you need to know what actually works, now is as good a time as any to look into it. Even a person in Mad Max survival mode knows that, know your gear, support locals making good gear.

To the pro mask folks I say, be careful about false sense of security, it is a large point of vulnerability. Going out more often with shabby gear is hardly better than no mask by the science I see. In case of encroaching plague, know the science.

Good portable gear can help in many scenarios, shabby gear can be counter productive. Consult your local techno steampunk mask designers with the references in this article for best results, buy local, be creative. Survival advice, though not medical advise.

In almost any case if you show me a cool new steam punk mask with detachable alternate intake/outtake options and washable inserts, I will be like cool, better safe than sorry. Yet pushing standard issue mask or no mask postulation does not interest me, the answer is somewhere in the middle, it should not be political.

If you care about the issue. Know the science, read up on it, know your gear, no fear.

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