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Irrational Reality

Section: wordz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-06-26
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There should be a law for that, it should be mandated

Crucial speech of authoritarians, draconian banter

No amount of yoga or bright clothing makes this endearing

Shadow play, Maddow preys for us all, mock gurus war call

Forgone solutions, marching illusions, contest missing

Starting line past, starting bell aghast, precocious sprinting

Destination unknown, explanation forgone, unconscious motion

Involuntary, solitary, veiled threaded inertia, guiding light

Praying for us or preying on us, don't ask don't tell

Scorned solutions piled in collusion, petitioning backtrack

Fork in the road, sweat of the toad, missing key chain, ask the rain

Pushing even-toed ungulates though sewing needles never goes well