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  3  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Late  \Late\,  adv  [AS.  late.  See  {Late},  a.] 
  1.  After  the  usual  or  proper  time,  or  the  time  appointed; 
  after  delay;  as  he  arrived  late;  --  opposed  to  {early}. 
  2.  Not  long  ago;  lately. 
  3.  Far  in  the  night,  day  week,  or  other  particular  period; 
  as  to  lie  abed  late;  to  sit  up  late  at  night. 
  {Of  late},  in  time  not  long  past,  or  near  the  present; 
  lately;  as  the  practice  is  of  late  uncommon. 
  {Too  late},  after  the  proper  or  available  time;  when  the  time 
  or  opportunity  is  past. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Late  \Late\,  a.  [Compar.  {Later},  or  {latter};  superl. 
  {Latest}.]  [OE.  lat  slow,  slack,  AS  l[ae]t;  akin  to  OS  lat, 
  D.  laat  late,  G.  lass  weary,  lazy,  slack,  Icel.  latr,  Sw 
  lat,  Dan.  lad,  Goth.  lats,  and  to  E.  let  v.  See  {Let}  to 
  permit,  and  cf  {Alas},  {Lassitude}.] 
  1.  Coming  after  the  time  when  due,  or  after  the  usual  or 
  proper  time;  not  early;  slow;  tardy;  long  delayed;  as  a 
  late  spring. 
  2.  Far  advanced  toward  the  end  or  close  as  a  late  hour  of 
  the  day  a  late  period  of  life. 
  3.  Existing  or  holding  some  position  not  long  ago,  but  not 
  now  lately  deceased,  departed,  or  gone  out  of  office;  as 
  the  late  bishop  of  London;  the  late  administration. 
  4.  Not  long  past;  happening  not  long  ago;  recent;  as  the 
  late  rains;  we  have  received  late  intelligence. 
  5.  Continuing  or  doing  until  an  advanced  hour  of  the  night; 
  as  late  revels;  a  late  watcher. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  being  or  occurring  at  an  advanced  period  of  time  or  after  a 
  usual  or  expected  time;  "late  evening";  "late  18th 
  century";  "a  late  movie";  "took  a  late  flight";  "had  a 
  late  breakfast"  [ant:  {early},  {middle}] 
  2:  after  the  expected  or  usual  time;  delayed;  "a  belated 
  birthday  card";  "I'm  late  for  the  plane";  "the  train  is 
  late";  "tardy  children  are  sent  to  the  principal";  "always 
  tardy  in  making  dental  appointments"  [syn:  {belated},  {tardy}] 
  3:  of  the  immediate  past  or  just  previous  to  the  present  time; 
  "a  late  development";  "their  late  quarrel";  "his  recent 
  trip  to  Africa";  "in  recent  months";  "a  recent  issue  of 
  the  journal"  [syn:  {late(a)},  {recent}] 
  4:  having  died  recently;  "her  late  husband"  [syn:  {late(a)}] 
  5:  (linguistics)  of  a  later  stage  in  the  development  of  a 
  language  or  literature;  used  especially  of  dead  languages; 
  "Late  Greek"  [ant:  {early},  {middle}] 
  6:  at  or  toward  an  end  or  late  period  or  stage  of  development; 
  "the  late  phase  of  feudalism";  "a  later  symptom  of  the 
  disease";  "later  medical  science  could  have  saved  the 
  child"  [syn:  {later(a)}]  [ant:  {early}] 
  7:  (used  especially  of  persons)  of  to  the  immediate  past;  "the 
  former  president";  "our  late  President  is  still  very 
  active";  "the  previous  occupant  of  the  White  House"  [syn: 
  {former(a)},  {late(a)},  {previous(a)}] 
  adv  1:  later  than  usual  or  than  expected;  "the  train  arrived  late"; 
  "we  awoke  late";  "the  children  came  late  to  school"; 
  "notice  came  so  tardily  that  we  almost  missed  the 
  deadline";  "I  belatedly  wished  her  a  happy  birthday" 
  [syn:  {belatedly},  {tardily}]  [ant:  {early}] 
  2:  to  an  advanced  time;  "deep  into  the  night";  "talked  late 
  into  the  evening"  [syn:  {deep}] 
  3:  at  an  advanced  age  or  stage;  "she  married  late";  "undertook 
  the  project  late  in  her  career" 
  4:  in  the  recent  past;  "he  was  in  Paris  recently";  "lately  the 
  rules  have  been  enforced";  "as  late  as  yesterday  she  was 
  fine";  "feeling  better  of  late";  "the  spelling  was  first 
  affected,  but  latterly  the  meaning  also"  [syn:  {recently}, 
  {lately},  {of  late},  {latterly}] 

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