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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  On  the  night  of  his  betrayal,  when  our  Lord  was  in  the  garden  of 
  Gethsemane,  Judas,  "having  received  a  band  of  men  and  officers 
  from  the  chief  priests  and  Pharisees,  cometh  thither  with 
  lanterns  and  torches  and  weapons"  (John  18:1-3).  Although  it  was 
  the  time  of  full  moon,  yet  in  the  valley  of  the  Kidron  "there 
  fell  great,  deep  shadows  from  the  declivity  of  the  mountain  and 
  projecting  rocks;  there  were  there  caverns  and  grottos,  into 
  which  a  fugitive  might  retreat;  finally,  there  were  probably  a 
  garden-house  and  tower,  into  whose  gloom  it  might  be  necessary 
  for  a  searcher  to  throw  light  around."  Lange's  Commentary. 
  (Nahum  2:3,  "torches,"  Revised  Version,  "steel,"  probably  should 
  be  scythes"  for  war-chariots.) 

more about torches