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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-05-11
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Yup, still don't trust the government. Government loyalists everywhere, I don't really trust you either. In fact only people that notice the fast decline of our rights and care about that seem useful to me now.

Blindly following orders seems very dangerous to me, much like blindly following unfinished science you barley understand, or have not even read. So stop saying "trust science" to me, I just hear "I have not read much of the science".

When the Windows ME of vaccines is rolled out for you loyalists to beta test and when you start encountering bugs in the RNA code you received, I reserve the right of I told you so.

Keep your paranoid fearful *belief* of your flawed science. I have looked at it and I reject it. The laws have been written, passed, more laws are being written to be passed. People are dying that is for sure, many more will.

We have crossed the PNR, most people were not prepared, most are still not in my opinion. Now the death statistics start stacking the other way, as deaths of despair and the death of Freedom take their toll.

There is so much evidence that makes it clear where this leads, though most will not even look or will contest the facts staring them in the face. Applauding censors is a clear symptom of tunnel vision that feeds into blind faith.

So, follow the leader, do what Simon says, I will not be with you.

Stand up for our rights in whatever way you can, I will lend a hand.

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