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  No  definitions  found  for  "bave",  perhaps  you  mean: 
  web1913:  Ave  Brave  Cave  Gave  have  Lave  Nave  Pav'e  Rave 
  Save  wave  Babe  Bace  Bade  Bake  Bale  Bane  Bare  base  Bate 
  wn:  brave  cave  have  lave  nave  pave  rave  save  wave 
  babe  Bade  bake  bale  bane  bare  base  bate 
  gazetteer:  Cave 
  jargon:  rave 
  foldoc:  rave  SAVE  WAVE  base 
  easton:  Cave  Babe  Bake 
  vera:  AVE  CAVE  RAVE 
  devils:  BABE