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  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  stubbornly  unyielding;  "dogged  persistence";  "dour 
  determination";  "the  most  vocal  and  pertinacious  of 
  all  the  critics";  "a  mind  not  gifted  to  discover  truth 
  but  tenacious  to  hold  it"-  T.S.Eliot;  "men  tenacious 
  of  opinion"  [syn:  {bulldog},  {dogged},  {dour},  {pertinacious}, 
  2:  refusing  to  give  way  or  compromise;  "unyielding 
  3:  having  austere  inflexibility;  "a  flinty  manner";  "granitic 
  morality";  "his  unyielding  mouth  and  glassy  eyes"- 
  Marchette  Chute  [syn:  {flinty},  {granitic}] 

more about unyielding