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Beet Art - Through the Taurids

Section: kewlz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-15
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Through the Taurids

Around Halloween every year we pass through the Taurid meteor stream the remnants of Comet Encke.

This image is a memorial to those we have lost through the ages.

Starr Sightings - September 2020 – Reckoning

Section: kewlz
Source: Starr Sites -
Published: 2020-08-29
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August 29, 2020 by Starr Sites


retrograde reflections
Retrograde reflections

The Dance of the Retrogrades continues for one more month of 6 then 5 retrograde planets. Each month through the coming Fall and Winter, the number of retrograde planets will lessen progressively, until March and April of 2021 when ALL planets will be moving direct, sparking forward progress. 

Mars starts the month direct but retrogrades on September 9th, signaling rising frustration, slowing momentum, increased bickering, lowered sex drive, diminished ambition, and unproductive conflict. He joins the outer planets now retrograde – Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn.

Jupiter starts the month retrograde but stations direct on September 13th, marking a sort of criss-crossroads of changing directions, although Mars remains firmly ensconced in Aries, which he rules, and Jupiter is part of the current triumvirate stellium-of-power in Capricorn. The last time Jupiter was retrograde and then turned direct when it was in stern Capricorn occurred in 2008one week before the stock market crash!

The Wall Street Bull

Will our currently bloated stock market follow suit, now gorged on millions of newly printed dollars, without any REAL supporting economic fundamentals? How can we sustain our economy when at least 1/3 of our workforce no longer has a place to work or a way to get paid? We are all pretty much at the mercy of the politically-convoluted COVID mess exacerbated by Trump ignoring the pandemic and refusing to apply any effort at all toward its prevention for months, while encouraging no distancing nor masks. (Note how close the 1500 attendees sat listening to Trump’s RNC acceptance speech while the deadly virus runs rampant through our communities….) Now we can watch COVID spread throughout our nation’s capital, thanks to our Chief’s super-spreader convention reception on the White House Lawn (which was illegal, by the way).


So much retrogradation over the last several months has focused our thoughts inward as time spent relatively alone during this pandemic has impacted us deeply. Continue to review the past and plan for the future, but do not move forward yet. There is too much confusion, ambiguity and uncertainty without solid grounding beneath our feet! (this is an earthquake warning…)

Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon September 2nd 2020
Full Moon September 2nd 2020
Thor's Hammer
Thor’s Hammer: 2 sesquisquares joined by a square

On September 2nd a focused 10-degree Virgo Sun opposes a sensitive Pisces Full Moon in a very tense chart. Homemaker Venus-in-Cancer stands in conflict and opposes the powerful Capricorn stellium (corporate patriarchy). Venus is also squared by boisterous Mars-in-Aries, and she’s harshly-aspected by both Moon and Sun too (ouch!) Meanwhile, the Sun wields Thor’s Hammer between Mars square Saturn, and there’s another difficult Thor’s Hammer from Uranus to Mercury square the South Node as well – mighty forces for clarity, breakdown, smash and crash! So tread lightly amid harsh forces activated by this early September Full Moon!

Food lines in the '30's
Feeding children in the ’30’s

This affliction of Venus may represent the thousands of families who will face eviction over the coming months, with corresponding increases in homelessness, hunger, and roving RV caravans and camps, reminiscent of the ’30’s. Food banks will struggle to serve the masses. Women will continue to be at the forefront of the fight for choice, gender equality, affordable housing, and fair elections. It’s a time for women to step up and be counted.

Keep me Clean I'm not Uranus
Keep me Clean I’m not Uranus

While favorably aspecting this lunation, Uranus activates Mercury square the Nodes of Destiny, bringing an urgent karmic message to humanity from Mother Earth, shaking things up in surprising and disturbing ways. Be cautious about making decisions or promises with the world in so much turmoil and transition. Hold off on important decisions.

Mercury also opposes Neptune indicating that TRUTH is being sacrificed on the altar of partisanship amid swirling confusion and delusion. By systematically crippling the Post Office before an election, mail-in voting is being de-legitimized. Deception and fraud are undercutting the democratic process, so that dishonesty and guile misleads the gullible, and the citizenry teeters on the brink of authoritarianism, engineered by the Supreme Commander’s 20,000 lies. Re-righting this lilting ship-of-fools that Amerika has become, with its feckless Congress and a Justice Department that does the President’s bidding, Americans face an uphill battle. The “will of the people” is being subjugated by the “whims of the Executive.” And the earth may need to warn us that she too is in trouble and needs more love!


Mars turns Rx astro chart
Mars Rx on Sep 9th

As Mars turns retrograde (less zeal) on September 9th, the Sun opposes Neptune (dishonesty and illusion), Mercury opposes Chiron (confusion), and Venus in Leo trines Chiron (a quest for “truth”).

The good news is that Jupiter turns direct on the 13th while sextiling Neptune so “hope springs eternal”.  But there is little to suggest optimism as Uranus in earthy Taurus remains heavily afflicted, suggesting that unexpected upheavals warn us of a grave potential for disaster.

New Moon in Virgo

New Moon astro chart for September 17th 2020
New Moon chart for September 17th 2020

The New Moon in Virgo on September 17th indicates plenty of worry. We are facing an unknown future, ripe with scarcity and wild weather.

How can we work if our kids can’t go to school? How do we provide for our loved ones while unemployed?  What if our medical and financial challenges cannot be resolved? What if we can’t find safe haven in this newly emerging world? These are just a few of Virgo’s many worries.

While Sun/Moon favors Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, the New Moon and Sun at 25 degrees Virgo square the Nodes, semi-square Venus and sesqui-square Uranus while opposing Neptune (all square formations are challenging), so it’s unlikely that difficulties will clear up any time soon, especially with retrograde Mars still blocked by square to sluggish Saturn. So, while the rich are logistically safe, survival fears are overwhelming for the general populace and the poor.

Have compassion for one another!

Fall Equinox

Fall Equinox Sep 22 2020 astro chart
Fall Equinox Sep 22 2020

By September 22nd the Libra Equinox brings some improvement in overall conditions due to the Equinox Moon’s trine to Chiron, the wounded healer. The Washington DC Equinox chart sports a proud Leo Midheaven Grand Trine, boosting national confidence, despite pervasive uncertainty. Mercury in Libra is indecisive, unsure of the right position to take while being hassled by Mars in Aries, now retrograde but still pushy and full of himself. The Nodes also form an out-of-this-world Mystic Rectangle with Mercury and Mars in opposite corners, which unfortunately amplifies arguments.

Mystic Rectangle in an astrological chart
Mystic Rectangle

Mystic Rectangles are about breaking through on quantum levels to raise consciousness, so those on a spiritual path will continue to experience progress and higher frequencies through contemplation and meditative practices, despite the daily chaos of living within a pandemic.

An astrological YOD
A YOD: 2 quincunxes joined by a sextile

However, Neptune remains T-squared by the Nodes (deception is rife) while quincunxes abound, making decisions uncomfortable, especially for Venus-in-Leo sitting at the peak of a Yod (formed by 2 quincunxes and a sextile), requiring continual re-adjustments while trying to stay on-top-of-it-all. Life is awkward and schedules are unreliable, yet frequencies are raised and breakthroughs in consciousness are attainable now. So Do Not Despair! Better days will come again!

Starr Sightings Astrology - August 2020 – Recalibration

Section: kewlz
Source: Starr Sites -
Published: 2020-08-07
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Full Moon

The Full Moon of Lammas (cross-quarters) occurs on August 3rd with a very tense chart, especially in Washington, DC. With the Sun in royal Leo and Moon in aloof Aquarius, the tribal togetherness and earthiness of last month’s Cancer lunations are now being overshadowed by attitudes of arrogance and privilege among the elite who expect “the servant class” to get back to work creating wealth for the 1% – those who need not expose themselves or their children to the virus, nor suffer any loss of life or health. Be aware that their motives are laced with greed! But the less-privileged need to work to eat, so the working class will continue to get sick and die. Remember that if you lose your health, all is lost! Be careful with the decisions you make!

However, Chiron shows positive aspects to the Full Moon and Sun which suggests that there may be some positive developments on the COVID front this month. However, this lunation forms a T-square to Uranus which will maintain its square to the Sun for a full week of potentially disruptive upheavals, so “expect the unexpected” in early August. If sheltering-in-place has been mandated for your state, restrictions may be hard to tolerate, triggering revolt against the authorities who make all the decisions. Mars in Aries doesn’t respond well to edicts.

Aug 3, 2020 Full Moon
Aug 3 2020 Full Moon Astrology chart

In general, it is safest to stay home as much as possible and wear those pesky masks to protect yourself and others when in public, even if you think you know better.  But the issue of opening our schools amidst a raging pandemic is suspect.

Mercury in Cancer exactly opposes Saturn in Capricorn during this Full Moon, which suggests many schools will delay openings and some families will choose cautiously to home-school their kids amid this chaos of uncertainty. Whatever your decision, anticipate push-back.

This aspect is, however, excellent for investigative work (including self-scrutiny) so new political scandals are likely to erupt and some personal revelations may surface at home too. Intuition is favored over logic at this time so listen to your heart.

2019 Moon Salas mural
Moon Salas mural-2019

During this Leo/Aquarius Full Moon the Nodes are afflicted by a sesqui-square parallelogram and a sesqui-square Kite, plus ominously harsh aspects from the Sun and Uranus to the Nodes, suggesting new shocks and setbacks on our collective path forward.  COVID statistics may reach record highs in late July into August.

[NOTE: April and July were months when Jupiter’s extreme conjunction with Pluto were EXACT. But there’s one more pass of the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, becoming exact on November 13th, which intimates that there may be another COVID wave to peak in late November. Therefore you are being forewarned to order your mail-in ballot early, just to be prepared and safe.]

A quick comment on the elections: Mercury will station on November 3rd (stand still), marking the end of its final retrograde period of 2020, but this is worrisome for the election. More on that later…

Crescent of Venus
Crescent of Venus

Venus exactly conjoins the North Node at the top of this Kite, sesqui-square the Full Moon, semi-square the Sun, and inconjunct Saturn (green dashes on the Full Moon chart above). These are tough aspects that could mean setbacks on abortion rights or other female-sensitive matters. Women will be motivated to speak out and act out, perhaps even in the streets, like the “Wall of Moms” did during the Portland protests. However, their actions may arouse the ire of the misogynist Chief Executive in the White House – with BACKLASH.

With an afflicted Venus, softened as it moves into Cancer, relationships and social situations may be challenging this month, but with Venus exact the North Node of fate, it’s important to work out your issues, rather than running away from them. Stand up for yourself AND your rights! Financial markets are likely to become volatile as well during early August.

Mars Square Jupiter

Jupiter with its Moon Io
Jupiter with its Moon Io

An aggressive Mars in Aries spills its belligerent impulsiveness throughout August with 3 potent squares to the stellium-of-power in Capricorn. On August 4th Mars squares Jupiter, the best of the three. Squares to Jupiter can be successful when applied carefully and intelligently, or they can be disastrous if in your haste you go overboard (a tendency of both Jupiter and Mars). Restrain the desire to push ahead before you are ready.  Over-spending or over-indulgence can also create problems. Avoid excessive risk which can lead to physical accidents. Expand your inner vision instead.

Mars trine Sun

While Mars squares the powerful stellium in Capricorn, it also is forming a Grand Fire Trine to the Sun and South Node from August 12th to 24th giving us the incentive to apply old skills and talents in new ways. On the 24th a Grand Water Trine is formed by Venus in Cancer trine Moon in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, enhancing our creativity as we re-imagine our careers and re-structure our lives resourcefully.

Mars Square Pluto

Pluto and its Moon Charon
Pluto (front) with its Moon Charon

Mars will square Pluto on August 14th. This explosive combo can spark revolution, threats of war, and more protests. Energy is high, arousing our ambitions, but fierce disagreements can cause confrontations to erupt between egos. Deception may backfire because Pluto demands integrity! Pluto’s focus is “deconstruction of the old order” while Mars accelerates matters, so changes can happen quickly. Mid-month seems significantly prime for more disruptions!

Leo New Moon

Aug 18 New Moon astrological chart
Aug 18 New Moon chart

The New Moon on August 18th brings momentary relief as Mars trines the Sun, Moon and Mercury, all in proud Leo, while aspecting the Nodes favorably to form an auspicious Grand Trine and Kite. Saturn’s month-long inconjunct to the North Node, now at the peak of a yod, encourages us to envision, experiment and innovate, making adjustments until we get it right – as in school openings and business safety.  Relax and breathe out your woes.

We WILL get through this!

Mars square Saturn

Saturn At Equinox
Saturn At Equinox

On August 25th Mars squares Saturn, creating “stalemate energy”, but accidents can also happen as Mars presses on the accelerator pedal while Saturn applies the brakes. Planets in the signs-they-rule stand their ground and refuse to be pushed around. This applies to Saturn in Capricorn, Mars in Aries, Neptune in Pisces, Sun in Leo until the 22nd, and Mercury in Virgo after August 20th. That’s a lot of obstinacy impelling a mighty clash of wills! Saturn, being meticulously detailed, is normally slow and steady, but being retrograde, it resists even more rigorously, Mars’ attempts to push ahead with foolish haste.  Expect little of substance to be accomplished at this time, yet we will be motivated to move forward the planning for the future as you innovate a “new you,” more aligned to your true self.

Venus Power

Finally, it is Venus in Cancer (the homemaker) who opposes the Power Stellium in Capricorn from the 23rd on. Women and minorities are being challenged to stand up to the patriarchal powers that have oppressed and marginalized us but in Mom-like ways. We are awakening to our spiritual power to challenge the vulgar banality that has used and abused us for eons. Rise up, My Sisters in feminine and gentle ways!

Festival Goddesses
Festival Goddesses

On the softer side, Venus trines dreamy Neptune into September, nurturing our romantic imaginations and creativity. Dream your future into existence and open your heart to receive Venus’ gentle blessings.



More from Starr Sightings Astrology at the below link.

While the World is In Quarantine What Defines Essential Services?

Section: kewlz
Source: Valhalla Movement
Published: 2020-07-11
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While the World is In Quarantine What Defines Essential Services?! - Anderchin Cooper 360 Reports


In a world where everyone is stuck in quarantine there is a huge opportunity that is playing out at Valhalla as its calendar stays open as local food production is an Essential Service especially in these times...


We bring out the character Anderchin Cooper to tell the news and let you know we are back with HUGE plans for 2020 and lots of growth in our farm and movement afoot...


Section: kewlz
Source: Hugo The Poet
Published: 2016-08-04
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It's come to my attention listening to stories from good friends, that many people are unwittingly falling victim to the phenomenon of Gaslighting. I hope that that song will serve as a source of courage for those people to free themselves from people who are secretly manipulating their mental environment, and to attain personal strength after attaining that Freedom.
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