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Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 11-09-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-11-15


This Week:
Without Reason
Tracking Fast
Premature Consent

Strip One. Without Reason

This has been a baffling year in many ways. The points of dismay and subjects of dichotomy numerous, some ineffable. The most concerning to me is basic reason, where has reason gone, the disorder can be found online and is spreading to the streets. The main observable symptom is the clashing of alternate realities. Folks are literally perceiving entirely different realities, which is not an issue or even that abnormal until people start clashing over them.

Dysfunction is the point where I consider a disorder to be a problem, when differences overtake fences and established common courtesy to new levels of division, aggression, intolerance and strife there is an issue of concern. Is it that hard to take a breath, a step back and observe the reasons for tolerance, acceptance and the age old concept of live and let live.

If that is not enough reason to let our societal differences be what they are and move on, there is the simple fact that resent does more harm the resenter that dwells on it. It is a destructive emotion worth discarding, notice the issue, process what you need to learn from it and move on to your perceived choice, leading by example has usually produced much better results than division and resent of perceived *others*.

One cavaet of note is when these "differences" encroach, trespass or otherwise become repugnant and harmful. Then what does one do when reason has left the discussion, when *harm* is encapsulated in veiled insinuation, scribes mandation and forced on the many dissenting views. When remedies of long lost checks and balances have flew the coop while regulating factions pass new ambitious edicts with shabby standing and questionable motives.

Regulating factions with lobbyists lined up to embellish the script, just a few paragraphs to route some of that valued current (currency, power) to theirs. Their company, faction, associates, loved ones or beneficiary. Just a clause or two to make the glue stick. Meanwhile the handful of adept activists tag along behind erasing what they can find, what they can comprehend and patch at a general pace of one step forward and three steps back.

It is not those *others* on the street, in your town, across from you wherever you think you see them it is more likely that it is some regulators, some writers of script put to edict powered by bailout funded lobbyists writing checks, not just the few but the many factions of precocious donors, regulators and their celebrity promoters that are seeding most of the division in our society. By encroaching on basic humanity as the *law of the land* or more clearly the fraud of the hand. Unchecked, unbalanced by the methods that have long been removed. These are the ones dividing society, please don't feed the congress of chimps, their donors or their toties. Most of us have more in common than differences with the varied people of the streets.

Strip Two. Tracking Fast

The train fitted to the tracks, tuned and tested, the tracks checked and plotted, this proverbial high speed tramway this mapped plan of distribution of the path of jab. It appears to be on track to be quite fast, really, the fastest, it will be the best tracked plan ever implemented very rapidly. Made by the best, five times faster than the fastest forces of jabbing wockies and tacky tracers leading the way.

In case you have not checked lately while many have been watching Americas Next Top President the framework for a new kind of change has been and is being laid out. The video linked below has more details from the orange horses mouth.

Trump addresses the nation on Warp Speed'Warp-Speed':1

Strip Three. Premature Consent

The vaccination consent age is being bumped down to teenagers. Has anyone noticed, this is not some small regulatory dribble this is a foul compilation, it is a work of normalizing involuntary experimenting on minors without the parents even knowing about it. Enabling the school to retain records about the minor while parents and guardians know nothing about it.

If this does not alarm folks I am not sure what will. There is a well remembered time in recent history when the Nuremberg Laws were written. Wherein after medical experimentation was revealed as inhumane and forced on people laws were made to forbid experimentation and any medical treatment without informed consent. Informed consent is a bedrock in modern law. It is no stretch to say that a thirteen year old is not able to make such decisions regarding health care especially without the parents knowledge or participation and guidance.

Covered in the video below...


Strip Four. Replatformiing

Watching the waves of people flee or get banished from corporate social media is interesting. It started years ago with a handful of infamous deplatformings and the rise of cancel culture. Since then it has multiplied exponentially, different groups have left or been canceled with their dedicated fans in tow.

One side effect is the rebuilding or "Replatforming" if you will of Internet sprout ups (grassroots startups) all over the place, several taking hold and growing with whispers of more in the works. The next wave of underground social media is being built and populated as we speak.

This migration, this digital exodus has needs, having grown dependent on services with live streaming and chat, posts and comments, groups and markets including all the modern bells and whistles. These digital refugees are tenacious, resilient, many services have been built and rolled out, none perfect though some with clout.

While some of the obvious contenders look to be already corporate with possibility of the same bad corporate practices in the future like and Others are more crowd funded or independent all could be bought out in the future or devolve into nothing. Some promote easy ways to support your favorite content creators and participation, these ones like dlive and odysee are quite attractive to writers and creators, yet none are perfect many are worth checking out.

Join and get free LBC to start supporting your favorite creators.$/invite/@beetfoundation:0

Check out a new and upcoming social network

OCOS is a weekly news, entertainment and informational rundown by The Beet Foundation. Documenting events as perceived and showcasing useful information to help navigate paths through sustainable living ways, retain local resources and remedy extractive practices. Enjoy and please support local foods and markets, long live locavores, seed the change.

Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 11-02-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-11-08
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This Week:
Selection Chaos on Track
Agent Jolie
As Winter Beckons
Web Nav Primer - WikiTied

Strip One. Selection Chaos on Track

As much of the peasant population ebbs and flows with the daily news cycle and the US selection process appears to be going as planned. Poised rioters, accused tampering, and partisan pandering fueling tensions heating up with surprisingly profound patience in a holding pattern is the general tone, with some exhaustion and relief mixed in.

Both proposed next top presidential puppets had already claimed they won more or less with the bulk of corporate media naming puppet blue as their winner to "seal the deal". It appears Biden has "won". It is clear that we will have plenty more tragic drama entertainment to view as the coming months play out with swing state court cases, lawsuits, unrest and many other sub-plots stacked into the show. Most on both sides of the two party delusion isle think the court system angle is unlikely to work.

Hard Times (satire)

Strip Two. Agent Jolie

Hollywood icon, CFR member and spook Angelina Jolie did a notable interview weeks back. It is worth review now as it applies to the presidential selection process. While many fans are enchanted by her wiles few know how deep in statecraft this famous actor and video game idol is.

Whichever celebrities you worship, they are likely in on some shady practices as well, may be a good time to reassess some of your idols. This is reported well by the James' in the New World Next Week episode linked below.

New World Next Week with the James'

Strip Three. As Winter Beckons

What would you do if it is a Dark Winter as some are predicting. Have you thought about it. Where does your food come from. What if the electricity went out for a week or weeks. Not the things many want to think of, I am not fear mongering, in fact reacting with fear is the worst way to answer these questions. Fortune favors the prepared as they say. What if the food stores shut down, my bet is that most would go to the food lines.

Hopefully most people I know will be warm and fed through the Winter without a hitch. It is possible that the warnings are fear mongering as scared people are easier to manipulate. It was not long ago when the idea of having Winter food stored was standard and necessary for survival. Buying staples in bulk and cooking is a good way to save money and eat healthy. Some regions discourage wood stoves these days, it could be a good idea to know an alternate heating source for luck. The locations with a backup generator and fuel sure would be useful in an extended power outage. Imagine how many would loose their cookies if the Internet was down for a week... or more.

It seems pretty likely that most will be fine through the cold season into spring, it has been unpredictable so far, you could live week to week and hope for the best, roll the dice, trust the emergency food distribution and services in a pinch, it appears the majority will, will you. Being divided from friends, family and others because of politics or ideology seems like a hard fail, I recommend mending fences if this has happened to you, however things unfold we are better together and prepared, better safe than sorry.

Really Graceful (new release)

Strip Four. Web Nav Primer - WikiTied

As prime time Internet takes its hold over the virtual path of least resistance that we call The Web more and more sign posts along the path show a familiar pattern. Familiar at least to those who have spent enough hours clicking through the information highway. Is it a nerd, is it a troll, no. It is Wikipedia, among others, there are notices from the various thought police appointee delegates of acceptable coherence on a wide variety of presumed important topics strewn about most of the "Main Street" of the Internet.

These "sign posts" are easy enough to spot, they are little foot notes tied to content from the speech police on videos, tweets, posts, comments, all over the place. They are from the likely players in the corporate big tech monopolies, the logos are easy to spot. Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, ... and all the incorporated "authoritative" fact checkers lining up like ducks in a row to direct everyone to the one true acceptable thought conglomerate.

Being one that has long past learned to scan past the advertising while digging for information on said highway it was a natural course to file these attempts as just another stealth method to advertise and skip past them instinctively. Though not directly, it is advertising in the way that the weekly news cycle changes Wall Street and other markets, the narrative is worth small fortunes day to day. On the important days the narrative is worth billions, it is the way this stealth advertising works, by tending the narrative.

In the bernaysian psychology of the collective information is everything, history is written week to week and incrementally added as we go. It appears very difficult for most to have time for or to even see this dynamic of stealth narrative advertising as we all go through our busy lives. Week by week, year by year, they make history, just like that, with the daily news cycle whatever the population becomes collectively convinced of as the truth is written into the history books. Or at least the convenient truth that the keepers of the books approve. Which is becoming more WikeTied and filtered at a rapid pace these days. Then there is the related alarming issue with Google Books and the HathiTrust encroaching on libraries, explained in the video linked below.


OCOS is a weekly news, entertainment and informational rundown by The Beet Foundation. Documenting events as perceived and showcasing useful information to help navigate paths through sustainable living ways, retain local resources and remedy extractive practices. Enjoy and please support local foods and markets, long live locavores, seed the change.

Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 10-26-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-26
From: source url

This Week:
Social Media Segregation
World Protests/Riots Continue
Exodus of Greenwald
Escaping the Faketricks

Strip One. Social Media Segregation

This year stands out as a year that has highlighted and enhanced segregation beyond any words I can use here to describe it. Most probably know what I mean from their own life experiences. The fences of division have been raised at an alarming rate mostly virtual fences wedging their way into formerly symbiotic affiliations, past productive co-evolutions.

This is obvious to all those that have been censored out of online hubs of information by the wide array of nefarious tactics used these days. The observable result is Internet refugees migrating to less censored regions of the information highway, any that have taken the journey know. The journey has curves (learning curves), hills (growing pains), tribal sieges (trolls, bots nets, scams, etc.), and *gasp* it has republicans, the targeted unholy scourge of the liberal social media status quo, and consequentially one of the most censored groups.

The church of republican dogma is about as interesting as the cult of democrat indoctrination to me. What first taunted me down the Internet refugee trail of smears was the banishment of journalists I like, seems many years ago, though it may be less than three. Mostly libertarian types or advocates of anarchism, not the Hollywood type of violent *anarchy* rather the old school do no harm anarchists teaching personal responsibility and self defense while mocking aspiring rulers.

This year has showcased a whole new group of banished in the proverbial refugee camps of the Internet, we have herbalists, naturalists, health care workers, doctors and an array of scientists flocking to the underground of the Internet in ongoing attempts to ring the alarm about malpractice, encroachment on medical choice and corruption of oath taken promises.

It is obvious to any that have fled which people are being banished and to most it is pretty clear by whom. From my view it is only the comfortable and compliant that do not know, accept the censorship or think they are benefiting somehow. Meanwhile the practice of censorship and hyper partisanship is destroying communities, families, partnerships, jobs, ... the list could go on, it looks terribly destructive to me.

The historic warnings about censorship are not some obsolete taboo or some witty sayings from old famous people, they are dying songs of loud and persistent canaries that no longer need coal mines, they are all over the wires crying foul into censored echo chambers or textualized tunnels to nowhere. Allowing rulers or their public/private alliance front shows to define acceptable speech is a disaster in the making. Pro censorship is pro segregation by proxy, at least that is how it is currently playing out in reality.

Strip Two. World Protests/Riots Continue

It has been weeks since I wrote about the riots and protests, not because they have stopped, many others are reporting on them and it is a tedious, dubious, depressing subject to research every week. The usual 2020 unrest appears to have picked up momentum this week, police brutality, the elections, the increased lockdown edicts, with a few other outlying themes boiling over and rumblings of post election drama. All with rebellious frogs attempting that unlikely jump into their proverbial fires. Presumably these unruly mobs are a small portion of the actual discontented amphibians in warming waters as the incentives to stay home are infused over populations like fluoridated drinks, visions of shielded armed thugs with teargas, mind numbing propaganda, financial stipends or the like.

This is a small list of links that stick out, not to understate the tenaciousness and diversity of protests and riots around the world, this list could be much larger just from the last week.

Spain footage and twitter comment thread

Traffic jam fleeing Paris before 2nd lockdown

Ruptly footage of Europe lockdown protests

Nigeria has its own brand of police brutality protests

Some BLM Protests Philly footage before the lootings

PA rolls out National Gaurd in Philly

Strip Three. Exodus of Greenwald

The world renowned journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote and published a scathing resignation letter to The Independent, the news outlet he helped found after being silenced and censored by his own news outlet. His peers even go as far as attempting to limit him from releasing his reporting through other outlets. Journalists around the world are taking notice and chiming in.

Personally I hope this brings on a trend of Greenwald reporting without oversight on some less restrictive outlets or on his own. The Independent is not what it used to be anyway. He is already on a rampage, resignation, releasing the draft, releasing email correspondence with editors. To the cringes of any hyper partisan friends I say "Bravo Glenn". Censorship is a larger issue than the repeating trap of partisan politics, I like neither. Stalling to report facts until they are politically convenient only helps the already rich corporatocracy and oligarchy to get richer.

Greenwald Resignation letter

Greenwald the proposed draft

Greenwald emails with naysaying editors

Greenwald substack page (stay tuned, likely more drama incoming)

Strip Four. Escaping the Faketricks

So many references to the Matrix movie this year, has anyone pointed out that in the movie, the "matrix" was convincing. This year is not like the Matrix movie, though there is a mostly hidden push towards transhumanism and plenty of pop culture PR on the subject. This year is much more like 1984 by Orwell. This is stage one dystopia and a globalist control attempt to take over many governments around the World via health sector bureaucracy and fear based executive orders laced with IMF funding while promising WEF utopia enforced by order following bullies and their volunteer minions.

The plan is not convincing to many of us, merely brute force control tactics backed with threat of harm or punishment mandates. Nothing to see in the rational, at least don't try to publish any of the many flaws or rather damage control dumpster fires regarding the world shutdown and reset, there is an army of censorship peddling lackeys subduing any that raise the alarms of encroaching totalitarianism leaving a wake of unemployed experts bold enough to speak up against the globalist tyranny.

What can be done with such a massive well gunned behemoth as the regulation and infrastructure roll out any people in doubt get rolled over, if they resist that is, maybe if they stay out of the way they will be OK. One can always hope anyway. If it is not the matrix and it is mostly fake tricks what can be done you may say. Well, I would say, would it not be better to know as you go down whichever path, to know the facts, to decide with all options, the ones in the box as well as those outside if it. What box? Don't ask, only you can truly know your box, only you can choose to escape it, as with I.

Xtra. RFK Jr. Message of Hope
The week started out with an inspirational "International Message of Hope for Humanity From RFK, Jr." it is quite an oration and well worth the listen.

Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 10-19-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-25
From: source url


This Week:
Censorship on the Rise
Mandate Madness
Track and Trace the Masses
Code Dark Winter Activate

Strip One. Censorship on the Rise

This weeks corporate competition purge qualified as the largest censorship operation of note in my life. Yet still only a small portion of the population appears to notice it or care. Maybe par for the course, because censorship has a inherent motive of hiding things and a standard side effect of people not knowing about what is censored because it was hidden.

In 2012 congress passed H.R.5736 - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which essentially made propaganda legal for authoritative news outlets, the quality of service and integrity has been in steep decline ever since. It appears that many in society are oblivious to this issue and still consider these sources authoritative even as they digress to the propagandist status of outlets like Radio Free Europe.

In 2020 with huge corporate interests running the USA and controlling National politics while owning most news outlets it has never been more apparent, though the logical fallacy of appeal to emotion of fear has taken over the sanity of logical assessment for much of the population. Many previously intelligent people have been pushing corporate fear narratives like they are factual news without discernment and giving into said fear beyond any apparent logic.

Meanwhile vast groups of valid scholars, experts and laymen are being severed from the conversation like lepers. On the bright side the underground is booming with a large influx of new curiosity.

H.R.5736 - Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012

Strip Two. Mandate Madness

When the madness sets in it is is different for everyone, causes vary, the more disciplined you are the longer you can maintain composure, only a handful can make it though with a semblance of what was, some can make due or even thrive with what is. Though very few realize the reality that many of the tactics, equipment and policy being rolled out are comparable to torture programs, prison life and cattle management. Even less realize that most of the proposed and partially implemented roll out has no reverse only forward.

A simple comparison with prisons and stock yards reveals alarming comparisons, the contact tracing tech was used on cattle before this attempt to roll it out on society. The bracelets now being promoted are quite similar to ankle bracelets. But don't worry Big Brother is looking out for you. Don't mind the writing on the wall or the shadow on the horizon. Don't dream of going back, that ship has sailed. We are finding out just how much torture our society can stand like it or not, whether you believe it or not, it is hard for me to imagine that people don't at least feel it.

Last I checked none of this is lawful or even legal, not that the rulers care about any of that, many even appear to like the new arrangement of rolling emergency powers override, pesky checks and balances, they never liked them anyway.

Newly adjusted Colorado Edicts

Strip Three. Track and Trace the Masses

As all of the track and trace tactics and protocols start coming into the view of more walks of society what was recently called conspiracy theory is again becoming the main street reality. Who knew, well, quite a few of us did, the details have been circulating all over the place for many months in tech startups, sales departments and a wide variety of other places.

In general people will have little option to not be tracked and traced in the near future, it has already been happening to some degree. What we are living through is the real life attempt at normalization of tracking all members of society. A few parts of the world may opt out, though if the god complex wannabe overlords have their way everyone will be a dot on their satellite driven surveillance network so that they can play with AI simulations and route humanity down the one true path.

No Links needed for this one, it will be all over your corporate marketing, probably already has been and likely will be indefinitely.

Strip Four. Code Dark Winter Activate

It seems like a long time ago, it was April 1st when I first started hearing about it, yet the back story and implications are no joke. Whispers in low places laced the underground, speculations and gossip strewn about, then just like that it came out of the former vice presidents mouth. Dark Winter, though the president did not agree as he uttered the coded laced words back, in feigned dismay some may say.

It is the stuff of spy thrillers, of mk-ultra sci-fi themes, the stuff of conspiracy theorists bad dreams. What does it mean. I really don't know what it means, only that it is entertaining and that much of the breadcrumb trail exists. There was a notable exercise in plague warfare by the name, there has been a recurring tending of the theme in pop culture. It could be coincidence though with a population freshly trained, a plague alert in the works and both selected candidates speaking the words as we move into Autumn. Well, just say I am not writing this one off, and what is the harm in having some extra supplies around and actually knowing what kind of mask will save you and what won't if a more deadly plague did hit, staying home might actually be the better course.

File this under rabbit hole, even skeptics may enjoy it if only for the entertainment of spooky sci-fi or comedy. There was a minor storm of internet chatter after people heard it in the presidential debate.

Whitney Webb on TLAV (Apr 1)
About the Original Exercise in 2001
The James' Covered this on May 15th

X-tra. Time Mag Cover
Get it while its hot, save a copy for your history collection. Time magazine puts The Great Reset center stage.


Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 10-12-2020

Section: newz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-18
From: source url

This Week:
Through the Taurids
Pundit Rock
Ukrainegate Doc Dump
Societal Exclusion

Strip One. Through the Taurids

While many of us think of Halloween as a fun holiday with costumes and candy, as a time for stories of witches and brews, as a time for a Mall Crawl or showing off zombie pumpkin art. Ever since the onset of knowledge in catastrophism and ancient myth Halloween means Taurids to me. The second yearly passing of Earth through the Taurids meteor stream.

Thankfully this venture down the path of comets, meteors and mythical scraps from time past has left me no less amused by the modern spooky themes of the holiday because they are part of the mythology. Except for plastic and junk food, scrap those. The first two links below are of the limited hangout variety, though with some good information. Check out the videos by Randal Carlson for more in depth information on the astronomy and mythology.

Taurids rundown

Article from

Randall Carlson videos (rabbit hole)

Strip Two. Pundit Rock

Punk rock or pundit rock, the question some are asking after seeing many favorite rock stars pushing politics lately.

The video linked below covers some of the rock star drama with a great rant as well as a couple other good stories on wealth consolidation and the Michigan militia bust. If you don't watch New World Next Week with the James' linked below. I recommend their informative weekly rundown.

New World Next Week

Strip Three. Ukrainegate Doc Dump

This week delivered, being a prime window for an October surprise there was a timely document dump, apparently from a discarded laptop that belonged to Hunter Biden. Since the document dump, political acrobats and partisan pundits started their contortionist acts and routines as expected with a trespassing, some would say treasonous helping of censorship from big tech corporations on the side.

Seeing Gulliani's wrench in the works does not instill confidence in the motive, though it looks like the facts revealed have some merit. Ignoring inconvenient facts gives nobody credibility, unless you believe that the rest of the People of the World don't see them, it can happen, you can hide facts from everyone for a while, these days with corruption worn on the sleeves of most Politicians it is not getting past the real Journalists of the World.

Chalk this one up as "no heroes in this story" and "bloody three ring circus". As a final thought, I wonder if anyone remembers the Ukrainians, some of us were paying attention to news cycles back when a lot of these recent revelations were happening, there was a government in transition and fighting in the streets. No matter the source some light on the corruption looks like a good thing.

Luke @ WeAreChange reports

Strip Four. Societal Exclusion

Excluding miscreants is a favorite pastime of tyrants as far as our history can remember. From my view there is another of these plots afoot. An attempt to get all the ducks in their billions of rows, quacking appropriately, waddling right. Though waddle away some of them might.

In this case it is the mostly unelected public health officials creating/implementing entry barriers to the same society where we all have an inalienable right of way. This can only lead to new social exclusion groups and coercion of many that yield to apathy so that they can return to "society". Some of us may not want to return if we are heading to any resemblance of the consumerism wasteland we had, or worse an evolution of such waste and harm.

Are those that reject the globalist plan expected to never travel and be generally excluded from large parts of society, what about small events, are all events of any size in the future to be approved by the State and public health.

"4. Barriers to entry: At many places and in many spheres, people excluded are debarred from entry. Barriers to entry involving the state are mostly related to documentation requirements. Other than documents, transition costs is another way to put hurdle in the entry of the excluded. Transition costs are the costs that are involved in acquiring a good service above and beyond its actual price."

Article on Social Exclusion

WEF globalist plan

Article from BBC Travel immunity passports (Aug 31st)

Xtra. Boulder on fire, Greely Elders Care
Boulder County is burning again, people are reporting lots of smoke and posting photos of encroaching fires.

Greeley, residents at a long-term care facility speak out

Washington DC, the white coat front line doctors made another appearance in front of the Supreme Court to call bullshit.

Let me know of any interesting stories you think are worth covering in the future.

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