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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 9-21-2020

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Published: 2020-09-27
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This Week:
Corporate Media Exodus
Assange Trial
Susceptible to Division
Your Movement has been Hijacked

Strip One. Corporate Media Exodus

Twenty Twenty has seen several waves of people fleeing the common social media platforms corporate search bubbles seeking greener bit pastures. Unfortunately the saying about greener grass is true in this regard, there is no magic wand to better services as any who have endeavored for greener pastures knows. Eventually you can find a better situation in the wider Internet and much more information than is available in the obvious or corralled part of the Internet, though it is more work usually and not easy to invite all of your friends.

To folks that have started or are planning on branching out from the common paths of the Internet to less censored places my advise is to not put all your bits in one basket. There are many platforms trying to create less censored and usable solutions that can use our support, so try some out, you have to start somewhere and so do these services.

Censored Journalists are some of the best scouts, so if you know a suppressed Journalist follow them to the services they are allowed to speak freely on. The field is moving, so rather than recommend any services I am recommending that you follow your favorite independent Journalists to whatever places they like as things move forward and branch out.

Strip Two. Assange Trial

The Julian Assange Trial has been happening all week, any real press freedom people are paying attention and reporting on it, not a bad litmus test to spot those that want Journalism to be a thing in the future.

You can get much of the play by play last week from Consortium News who by their own words are on the story "Consortium News is virtually “inside” the courtroom at Old Bailey, viewing the proceedings by video-link and has filed this report on Day Fourteen of Julian Assange’s resumed extradition hearing." If extradited he will apparently end up in Colorado.

Consortium News (Last weeks trial reports are on their homepage at the time of this writing)

Consortium News (Day Fourteen)

Strip Three. Susceptible to Division

Would you know if you were susceptible to nefarious divisive agendas? Are there symptoms?

Of course they exist, from as far back as humanity remembers there are tales of dividing the people for numerous foul plots. What less people realize is the small amount of tyrants that would wittingly use such tact and how easy it is to discern the difference once attuned.

It is a long cherished pet peeve of mine, the common folks fear of the "Other". Probably because I caught myself indulging in these self destructive dogmatic beliefs numerous times, elusive is the phobia of peers across from you and numerous are the idiom threads to sew such division, some spanning millennia. To think we, you or I have traversed this chasm is most likely a lesson in futility or a fools folly as tribalism is in our nature. Though nobody likes to think they are being used as a tool unwittingly.

For whomever may have read this far thinking they are immune, you are not. The transcended have already left the bit battle and could care less of narratives or agendas. So in a nutshell you are susceptible and always will be, as am I, the threads are sewn into society along side the threads of good will and common courtesy we need only learn the difference and defy divisiveness by seeking common ground.

Strip Four. Your Movement has been Hijacked

It can't happen to you, your movement is the serine one, you have invested so much thought, friendship, comradery and the vast many other dynamics of human nature into what brought you to this point in it after all. I really know you did, as I did and do, we all do, at least any that have/do/will care enough to be active in any movement.

Would you know if your movement was being hijacked by a less worthy purpose than you signed up for? What signs would you even be looking for? If you know where the money is coming from you have a good start, follow the money is still a great tool for insight.

When I saw live footage in Minnesota months back of protesters passing a lawyers number around it was a red flag of some wealthy agenda in the works, now months later with many other concerning puppet strings located through the barrage of xenophobic propaganda, punditry and divisive media digression into verbal acrobatics glossing over the fact of blood and chaos on the streets. Do you think it matters which side of the duality you are on, which color the pawn.

Maybe folks just don't know or remember that this is how regime change wars usually start, don't wait until there are bombed out cities to realize this.

And for so many other observations, beyond the scope of this writing, if you fear the mythical other across from you, segregated by divisions of race, politics or ideology, I regret to inform you that:

Your movement has been hijacked!

Xtra: Digressions in Boulder
Boulder Colorado went into trials of new unusual authoritarian edicts to local peasants with digressed rights of gathering and more mandatory peasant wardrobe rules from the newly installed health sector government that now apparently thinks they run the State.

Feel free to contact me with any corrections, insights or stories you think I should cover next week.