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Optical Course Obstacle Strips @ Week of 9-28-2020

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Published: 2020-10-04
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This Week:
Bias Powered Fallacy
Social Media Alternatives
Cirque du Débat
Prez Bio-Hazard

Strip One. Bias Powered Fallacy

When navigating the Internet and social media sites how do we best discern between hype, misinformation and valid information? These days even common news stations and authoritative sources are lying and misleading people constantly, fact checkers playing traffic cop and sales associates for corporations more than checking facts. How does one navigate this field of information, misinformation, fact, fiction and all other manner of speech with any clarity of mind.

One of the best tools I have found is the basic knowledge of bias and fallacy, once you are clear on most common biases and fallacies it is much easier discerning between the riff and the raff, screening off the chaff. The two sites below are what I call essential knowledge for navigating the Internet these days. There is no comparison between the Internet I navigated before learning the power of bias/fallacy and the Internet I navigate now that I can spot most of them.

Really, the importance of this can't be understated, these crucial skills will make the Internet and people in general easier to communicate with, highly recommended.

Bias flash cards website

Fallacy flash cards website

Strip Two. Social Media Alternatives

Everyone grouped into a few online social media sites seemed like a great idea, I really enjoyed in the early days of social media, it enhanced my life and empowered my connectivity. When I finally decided to get onto facebook it was useful, much different than, more family, friends and folks to be found, I even reconnected with many folks I had lost contact with.

It was years before I questioned it much, the dynamic that started my distrust of the platform was when I wanted to share information with my friends that was contrary to some hidden algorithmic corporate narrative the platform is pushing. In the most popular social platforms going against corporate narratives is blatantly discouraged, shadow banned, tagged as misinformation, false, or partly false. Often even for hotly debated and/or unsettled topics in favor of the social media company politics or its favored affiliates/partners.

There is no one stop shop to try and get away from all of this, there are many small social media sites trying to honor free speech with new ones starting up all over the Internet, though you either get social bubble networks that turn into choir singing pulpits or disaster areas with no moderation and hate speech going off the rails. There is no one solution and rightly so, because if there was the corporations would buy it up and lock it down to their motives. You may find that a small group of friends that you get to communicate with freely is better than a large group of friends that you barely reach because of filtering and censorship when you try to communicate with them.

All I can recommend is to branch out, support the small networks, no need to leave the corporate social media if it still works for you, just start supporting the smaller networks, try some out. Use the websites of people you follow that have websites. In recent months I have seen many friends frustrated with censorship fleeing to other networks. None are perfect, all are susceptible to being bought out and suppressed by the same corporations.

Some sites, friends and journalists are branching out to include,,,,, Let me know of any more you like, the blockchain based solutions bring up many neat ideas on supporting content creators and fans by just using the sites, almost the opposite of corporate models, a couple of these are linked below. (youtube alternative) (facebook alternative)

Strip Three. Cirque du Débat

It never ceases to baffle me how so many folks get all hyped up on the quadrennial selection of the prez. It is all fun and games up until you isolate from your friends, family, associates or acquaintances based on the horse race. The debate last week was no exception, the act has digressed substantially.

Having read many opinions from both sides, double-sided and without sides it is still smoke and mirrors to me, a dog and pony show, Santa Claus for adults, until there is a leader I would like, respect and want it looks like a trick. Bait and switch. In any case it seems to me like your friends, family, associates or acquaintances are worth way more than any of these race horses, defy divisiveness.

Strip Four. Prez Bio-Hazard

The prez got the rona which makes him a bio-hazard if defined by some factions of modern scientism, this has lead to a flurry of memes and theories. Too soon to call but the spinsters have only begun. The announcement coming out on October first has some thinking this is the October surprise though in a year like this with a surprise every month how would we know, I remain braced for multiple surprises this month.