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Optical Course Obstacle Strips - Week of 11-09-2020

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Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-11-15


This Week:
Without Reason
Tracking Fast
Premature Consent

Strip One. Without Reason

This has been a baffling year in many ways. The points of dismay and subjects of dichotomy numerous, some ineffable. The most concerning to me is basic reason, where has reason gone, the disorder can be found online and is spreading to the streets. The main observable symptom is the clashing of alternate realities. Folks are literally perceiving entirely different realities, which is not an issue or even that abnormal until people start clashing over them.

Dysfunction is the point where I consider a disorder to be a problem, when differences overtake fences and established common courtesy to new levels of division, aggression, intolerance and strife there is an issue of concern. Is it that hard to take a breath, a step back and observe the reasons for tolerance, acceptance and the age old concept of live and let live.

If that is not enough reason to let our societal differences be what they are and move on, there is the simple fact that resent does more harm the resenter that dwells on it. It is a destructive emotion worth discarding, notice the issue, process what you need to learn from it and move on to your perceived choice, leading by example has usually produced much better results than division and resent of perceived *others*.

One cavaet of note is when these "differences" encroach, trespass or otherwise become repugnant and harmful. Then what does one do when reason has left the discussion, when *harm* is encapsulated in veiled insinuation, scribes mandation and forced on the many dissenting views. When remedies of long lost checks and balances have flew the coop while regulating factions pass new ambitious edicts with shabby standing and questionable motives.

Regulating factions with lobbyists lined up to embellish the script, just a few paragraphs to route some of that valued current (currency, power) to theirs. Their company, faction, associates, loved ones or beneficiary. Just a clause or two to make the glue stick. Meanwhile the handful of adept activists tag along behind erasing what they can find, what they can comprehend and patch at a general pace of one step forward and three steps back.

It is not those *others* on the street, in your town, across from you wherever you think you see them it is more likely that it is some regulators, some writers of script put to edict powered by bailout funded lobbyists writing checks, not just the few but the many factions of precocious donors, regulators and their celebrity promoters that are seeding most of the division in our society. By encroaching on basic humanity as the *law of the land* or more clearly the fraud of the hand. Unchecked, unbalanced by the methods that have long been removed. These are the ones dividing society, please don't feed the congress of chimps, their donors or their toties. Most of us have more in common than differences with the varied people of the streets.

Strip Two. Tracking Fast

The train fitted to the tracks, tuned and tested, the tracks checked and plotted, this proverbial high speed tramway this mapped plan of distribution of the path of jab. It appears to be on track to be quite fast, really, the fastest, it will be the best tracked plan ever implemented very rapidly. Made by the best, five times faster than the fastest forces of jabbing wockies and tacky tracers leading the way.

In case you have not checked lately while many have been watching Americas Next Top President the framework for a new kind of change has been and is being laid out. The video linked below has more details from the orange horses mouth.

Trump addresses the nation on Warp Speed'Warp-Speed':1

Strip Three. Premature Consent

The vaccination consent age is being bumped down to teenagers. Has anyone noticed, this is not some small regulatory dribble this is a foul compilation, it is a work of normalizing involuntary experimenting on minors without the parents even knowing about it. Enabling the school to retain records about the minor while parents and guardians know nothing about it.

If this does not alarm folks I am not sure what will. There is a well remembered time in recent history when the Nuremberg Laws were written. Wherein after medical experimentation was revealed as inhumane and forced on people laws were made to forbid experimentation and any medical treatment without informed consent. Informed consent is a bedrock in modern law. It is no stretch to say that a thirteen year old is not able to make such decisions regarding health care especially without the parents knowledge or participation and guidance.

Covered in the video below...


Strip Four. Replatformiing

Watching the waves of people flee or get banished from corporate social media is interesting. It started years ago with a handful of infamous deplatformings and the rise of cancel culture. Since then it has multiplied exponentially, different groups have left or been canceled with their dedicated fans in tow.

One side effect is the rebuilding or "Replatforming" if you will of Internet sprout ups (grassroots startups) all over the place, several taking hold and growing with whispers of more in the works. The next wave of underground social media is being built and populated as we speak.

This migration, this digital exodus has needs, having grown dependent on services with live streaming and chat, posts and comments, groups and markets including all the modern bells and whistles. These digital refugees are tenacious, resilient, many services have been built and rolled out, none perfect though some with clout.

While some of the obvious contenders look to be already corporate with possibility of the same bad corporate practices in the future like and Others are more crowd funded or independent all could be bought out in the future or devolve into nothing. Some promote easy ways to support your favorite content creators and participation, these ones like dlive and odysee are quite attractive to writers and creators, yet none are perfect many are worth checking out.

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