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Protest pressure, Capitol Hill responds? Elijah McClain case revived

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Published: 2020-06-28
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Current events have lit a fire under lawmakers on Capital Hill. States nationwide are considering reforms. Colorado revives case from last year (2019) for a closer look, the officers had been cleared of wrongdoing.

Despite local media coverage and some smaller rallies, McClain’s death did not receive widespread attention in the press — not until the killing of George Floyd sparked widespread protests against racially motivated police brutality. Since then, a petition demanding “Justice for Elijah McClain” has garnered nearly 2 million signatures." -- Claire Lampen, New York Media

We have watched the events over the last several days and it has become clear that public trust has been eroded,” council members Allison Hiltz, Curtis Gardner and Angela Lawson wrote. “We know that the status quo is no longer acceptable in our criminal justice system. Our community has experienced pain and as leaders it is our responsibility to take the first step in restoring public trust.

Glad you finally see what we have seen on the streets for a long time. Now get it done, half measures will be noted.

"Coloradans should be safe walking home from the convenience store, or just being in their own neighborhoods listening to headphones. Unfortunately, I know that is not how many people — especially young people of color — feel in our state today, because I’ve heard it from them directly. We need to do a better job, and at a bare minimum, they deserve a thorough review of the case." -- Governor Jared Polis

Correct Polis, though not enough, we will need public trials, independent investigation and public trier of fact (jury) or even more decentralized justice in the future. To fix this mess, Internal Affairs had their chance, they failed. Wolves guarding the hen house is how failed leadership made this mess.


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Photo: Elijah McClain, Family photo