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legally sanctioned "large gatherings" - A word in the beets tale

Section: wordz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-11-10
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I wonder if in the future when all the health pass infrastructure is built and some people are using it in public, allowed to be included in society as health certified (+mRNA mods) humans without masks and distancing protocols. Will pop culture and corporate media then start shaming mask wearers to get health pass certified like all of the "cool kids". 
It would make sense to do it that way. Start a bernaysian pop culture campaign of "oh, how easy it is" and watch the ducks row up to float down the river of accessorized identification gadgets with your health pass addons, easy fly stamps and gold star human caste access. The rivers currents, crypto currencies of stealth social credit system tied into all your favorite online games, shopping, travel and maybe even the privy. 
But it will be oh so sexy, like a sea of happy people under moonlight with song and drink, no masks making a stink all are certified "healthy". "Except for those over there, who would not dare" they will say, framing in on the masked ones sectioned off in chalk circles distancing in the back, those that would not dare take the vax. But they can still stay, just way over there in the binocular section, better than those *gasp* that can't even go, those deplorables. The ones left out deemed wanting, deemed without. Without vax, without mask, without caste or just stubborn bastards outside the perimeter.
Did I say perimeter, I meant walls, though small ones with bouncers wearing smiles. For all who enjoy these media promoted, pop culture promoted, legally sanctioned "large gatherings". These festive insider buffets with something for every taste of the day, or of the evening all over your screens, devices and streets to paint the way. Guided by those idols the ones you've trusted so long, though their theater, cadence or song. 
The brave way forward were you can relax with free face, free travel and free to dance among your peers viscerally. Just flash that health stamp certified accessory phone, watch, necklace or bracelet at the gate, prove you are +mRNA (ver. 8+) certified to the front gate, (ver. 5-7) to the left side, version 1-4 to the right.
Have you heard of what they call "social exclusion"? I wonder if in the future when all the health pass infrastructure is built...

Their Utopia will be Proprietary - A "word in the beets" tale

Section: wordz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-28
On the ground in most places it was calm, people were taken care of, though timid, restless and mentally compromised with only whispers and stories of the less fortunate in other regions most had all but forgotten any measure of historic comparison due to the intrigue of day to day life at least from my tiny view of the World. Not tiny as any derogatory context, rather as a measure of the vastness of change that has swept the World within what feels like a flicker of time, the gory details don't really fit in the rhyme.
What a time it has been, the year is 2020. This story is from the Rocky Mountains as snow falls passing through Autumn Taurids into Winter. Society has been flipped on its head as an announced, publicized and pronounced deadly contagion sweeps the land. Governments Global, National, State, County and Local with their authorities line up in efforts to create a uniform society free from plague, poverty, inequality, waste, pollution and, you know all those things that pull your heart strings and draw you into the one true Utopia.
This is not just any Utopia, most know that Utopia is personal and varies group to group. This is a hand picked superior one. It has been developed by the smartest minds, the best in their fields. It is the gold standard of Utopia based on countless simulations using the best artificial intelligence on the planet. Nobody in their right mind would contest, unless, you jest to have one.
Upon further inspection it appears there may be some... flaws, a few... compromises that will need to be taken. Inspection being a gray area because most details that should be of significance are locked behind nondisclosure agreements, the paper trail of patents and corporations affiliated into the design still appear extractive in nature and dependent on abusive practices to those they attest to benefit, how could this be.
While hard to believe the World Pink Elephant Forum, World One True Health Organization, News World Order and the like may be benefiting and not entirely honest. After all, the same brands and trade names that have left a wake of destruction in their path stamped with clear logos are all over the planning commissions, overall themes and methodologies, the plan reeks of supremacy. It looks like there is still lots of room for sweatshops and alternate forms of slavery, what gives. Who approved this, don't ask lest the supremacists be revealed, the international corporate fascism unveiled.
This is no ordinary run of the mill Utopia you see, it is complicated. This one is Global in scale, technocratic by its ranks, again the best in their fields running the essential diagnostics, research, regulatory framework, infrastructure and development nothing can go wrong you will see, the conglomerate is of all the best brands with only the most selfish and greedy intent, I mean conscious and humanitarian intent, focus on the future, you need not let shaded past cloud the vision, they are repentant, reformed, rebuilt and reborn, you will see, they say. It will be beautiful.
With satellites ringing the globe, with wars mechanized, bloodshed gone, population in check, deliveries by drones it will be grand. Yoga in the morning, jog in the park, if you want you may get to vacation on Mars can you say "make it so Captain". Oh, but the details you want to see? They can't, they will show you a ruse or a slight of hand muse for the pre show, before you know as the appetizers settle in you won't notice as the narrator says, "there won't be any details today, nondisclosure agreement NDA". Announcing another day when you will get all the answers you are looking for, now come the final act of the evening awaits, you'll need dinner.
In this future you will have culinary choice of the land, every flavor, texture, fiber of grange at your fingertips. Don't ask where it comes from just taste it, once you try you won't ask much overtaken with convenience within minutes pure perfection from the drone hub. Who makes it, what's in it, how does this happen, only questions for the masters, some say from the Amazon of dream time, besides nondisclosure as you've been told, need to know, don't ask questions.  
The best part is the travel for the status laden fortunate it is streamlined, routing quickly to anywhere without painful view of the workers, slaves, sweatshops, mines, waste, war zones or other unsightly fallout to darken your day. It is high definition travel with wide screen entertainment, Virtual reality simulation diversion, food fare, refreshments and the like.
Just don't ask who benefits, who decides what is right. Only the selfish question the collective advise, every time they ran freedom through the all knowing AI, well that's classified. Just imagine some scenario where it was not "Their" side. Because you know that the primary motive for AI is to centralize. Never ask whether they are running the AI, or rather the AI is running them, that question leads to madness. What? You think you could guide the path of transhumanism? And you guessed it, you don't get to look at the code, because their Utopia is and will be proprietary. Follow the breadcrumbs in the logos, in the brands, you will see.

Propagandized Corporate News

Section: wordz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-10-21
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When I see my peers pushing corporate media fiction I see it as a dysfunction and usually move on silently.
All I can do is assume they don't realize that corporate media has digressed to be the same as Radio Free Europe, it is propaganda largely narrated by intelligence agencies, they may as well be operations that distribute leaflets, if you are not fact checking your corporate propaganda and sharing it forward I just label you as slow and without discernment, it does not mean I don't like you, just that you are not a great information source.
If you think I am overreacting you probably don't know what the Smith Mundt Act is, look into it first. Corporate media is propaganda, period, if not why spend so much effort making it legal to use false information and deceptive content, before 2012 it was illegal. You have to fact check that crap and the fact check sites are working in collusion so don't expect them to help you.
It is lazy and gullible to believe habitual liars with a license to deceive, to believe that corporate outlets are trustworthy, it just makes you look slow when you share misinformation, even when it is corporate sources you think you can trust, it is hardly your fault, we should be able to trust them. 

A Bit About Memes

Section: wordz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-08-23
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"Sticks to the wall", an expression from youth. We used it as a joke about ideas. Brainstorming on a topic, artwork or plan, why write it down we would say... "It's not a good idea unless it sticks to the wall".

To Mom I said "forgot what I was saying" she often replied "if the idea is good enough it will come back" or some may say "if you don't remember it was not worth remembering".

This will be short, as my intent is not some deep intellectual reiteration of the power of meme, or the types and ways to attempt using them or avoid being used by them. It is to translate to layman what I know of the mighty meme, both admired and dreaded.

Because it is really simple. The spirit of meme has been around since the first human did something cool or at least interesting enough to replicate and someone else replicated it to be seen by more and boom, a meme was born.

It is not a matter of fact at all, the meme is memorability and portability of communication. The yield sign by the road, the best memes are emoji in my opinion, no need for words, a simple image that means a thousand or could only mean one.

Some of the earliest memes were likely witty cadence of speech that spread. With writing came pictograph, and now we have therianthrope cats spreading ideas from wise words to filth.

Memes are ideas, more specifically the transmission and transmissible function of an idea, not the library, the compressed idea of the book those communicating have read, or a concept within the pages reduced to a catchy phrase. A Shakespeare play is too large to be any worthy meme though "Brevity is the soul of wit." instills an idea that sticks to the wall.

You may also look at it like amperes or AMP, a unit to measure electric current. In modern times the word meme started as an attempt to find a measurement for ideas, though it appears to have evolved past that I don't think it has. It sticks to the wall if it is memorable or it sifts into the alley ways of history.

Though said once, it deserves repeat. Facts don't matter. Memorability and staying power are what make or break a meme.

"To the eye, emoji is the purest form of meme since cuneiform" 

Short read, 101 primer:

Therianthrope (definition):

History of Memes - Through the Years (amusing youtube video, comedy):

Unicode Full Emoji List, v13.0:

Reality Check - Snake oil salesmen or early birds

Section: wordz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-08-05

Reality Check:

So, if anyone says they have a cure for the plague that can't be named, the big platforms will ban it.

Reasons for the removal and credibility of the deciding parties aside.

That means if a cure is found in any small village of the world it will be banned, until the platforms decide we can use it.

It means that it if one appears it will not be on the beaten path of the internet unless deemed worthy.

Summarily, it appears that fear of snake oil salesmen may have hidden the early birds with knowledge of worms.

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