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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Slack  \Slack\,  a.  [Compar.  {Slacker};  superl.  {Slackest}.]  [OE. 
  slak,  AS  sleac;  akin  to  OS  slak,  OHG.  slah,  Prov.  G. 
  schlack,  Icel.  slakr,  Sw  slak;  cf  Skr.  s[.r]j  to  let  loose, 
  to  throw.  Cf  {Slake}.] 
  Lax;  not  tense;  not  hard  drawn;  not  firmly  extended;  as  a 
  slack  rope. 
  2.  Weak;  not  holding  fast  as  a  slack  hand.  --Milton. 
  3.  Remiss;  backward;  not  using  due  diligence  or  care  not 
  earnest  or  eager;  as  slack  in  duty  or  service. 
  The  Lord  is  not  slack  concerning  his  promise,  as 
  some  men  count  slackness.  --2  Pet.  iii. 
  4.  Not  violent,  rapid,  or  pressing;  slow;  moderate;  easy;  as 
  business  is  slack.  ``With  slack  pace.''  --Chaucer. 
  C?sar  .  .  .  about  sunset,  hoisting  sail  with  a  slack 
  southwest,  at  midnight  was  becalmed.  --Milton. 
  {Slack  in  stays}  (Naut.),  slow  in  going  about  as  a  ship. 
  {Slack  water},  the  time  when  the  tide  runs  slowly,  or  the 
  water  is  at  rest;  or  the  interval  between  the  flux  and 
  reflux  of  the  tide. 
  {Slack-water  navigation},  navigation  in  a  stream  the  depth  of 
  which  has  been  increased,  and  the  current  diminished,  by  a 
  dam  or  dams. 
  Syn:  Loose;  relaxed;  weak;  remiss;  backward;  abated; 
  diminished;  inactive;  slow;  tardy;  dull. 

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