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  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Canonic  \Ca*non"ic\,  Cannonical  \Can*non"ic*al\,  a.  [L. 
  cannonicus  LL  canonicalis,  fr  L.  canon:  cf  F.  canonique 
  See  {canon}.] 
  Of  or  pertaining  to  a  canon;  established  by  or  according  to 
  a,  canon  or  canons.  ``The  oath  of  canonical  obedience.'' 
  {Canonical  books},  or  {Canonical  Scriptures},  those  books 
  which  are  declared  by  the  canons  of  the  church  to  be  of 
  divine  inspiration;  --  called  collectively  the  canon.  The 
  Roman  Catholic  Church  holds  as  canonical  several  books 
  which  Protestants  reject  as  apocryphal. 
  {Canonical  epistles},  an  appellation  given  to  the  epistles 
  called  also  general  or  catholic.  See  {Catholic  epistles}, 
  under  {Canholic}. 
  {Canonical  form}  (Math.),  the  simples  or  most  symmetrical 
  form  to  which  all  functions  of  the  same  class  can  be 
  reduced  without  lose  of  generality. 
  {Canonical  hours},  certain  stated  times  of  the  day  fixed  by 
  ecclesiastical  laws,  and  appropriated  to  the  offices  of 
  prayer  and  devotion;  also  certain  portions  of  the 
  Breviary,  to  be  used  at  stated  hours  of  the  day  In 
  England,  this  name  is  also  given  to  the  hours  from  8  a.  m. 
  to  3  p.  m.  (formerly  8  a.  m.  to  12  m.)  before  and  after 
  which  marriage  can  not  be  legally  performed  in  any  parish 
  {Canonical  letters},  letters  of  several  kinds,  formerly  given 
  by  a  bishop  to  traveling  clergymen  or  laymen,  to  show  that 
  they  were  entitled  to  receive  the  communion,  and  to 
  distinguish  them  from  heretics. 
  {Canonical  life},  the  method  or  rule  of  living  prescribed  by 
  the  ancient  clergy  who  lived  in  community;  a  course  of 
  living  prescribed  for  the  clergy,  less  rigid  than  the 
  monastic,  and  more  restrained  that  the  secular. 
  {Canonical  obedience},  submission  to  the  canons  of  a  church, 
  especially  the  submission  of  the  inferior  clergy  to  their 
  bishops,  and  of  other  religious  orders  to  their  superiors. 
  {Canonical  punishments},  such  as  the  church  may  inflict,  as 
  excommunication,  degradation,  penance,  etc 
  {Canonical  sins}  (Anc.  Church.),  those  for  which  capital 
  punishment  or  public  penance  decreed  by  the  canon  was 
  inflicted,  as  idolatry,  murder,  adultery,  heresy.