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Xenophobia test kit (pass/fail/error)

Section: wordz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-05-27
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Ran this kit and I think it is faulty, it says I passed but I am pretty sure I failed.

There must be some sort of test kit for this test kit, would I know if it is right.

You know, I could be a total xenophobe and not even realize it, shit what would my friends think, I need a test kit for this test kit.

Ok, I can figure this out, do I like people, well, sometimes, usually. Do I avoid people, often, do I like varied people, usually, what are varied people?

This is not going well, this test may be faulty. Shit, maybe I should study it, no, people are full of it, oh no, is that xenophobic?

But if I get a test kit for this test kit because I think this kit is flawed, then why would the kit test kit be worthy, Am I on my own here?

Maybe I need a friend to help me sort this out, wait, maybe that's it, I just need to ask a bunch of varied friends about this, wait.

If a have a bunch of various friends to ask, then maybe the test kit is right and I did pass, well I should ask them anyway.

But what if they think I am a xenophobe, I don't really want to go out anyway, to many crazy people out there. Am I schizophrenic, shit.