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Gamma response or half talk (stray brain banter)

Section: wordz
Source: Jopa - Beet Foundation
Published: 2020-07-14
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These doublespeak portions in my media diet are outta hand, a worthy response will be required, did I even subscribe for this, internalize...

Triple speak being the reactive go to is out, obviously, how about gammaspeak or gamma response?

I like it, nerdy with that sci-fi tangent. But is it too vague, too much tangent, three wrongs don't... Maybe save it for nerd gatherings.

Halftalk could work, as metaphor to simplify and sort out the doublespeak. Done.

How would anyone even know this cryptic slang, fool?

They will know if the words are, said right.

Right. I think?

Dump internalized junk.

1. The sorting and thinning comparison of doublespeak to reality.
2. Cutting to the chase.
3. Weeding out the BS.

Example uses:

We'll be havin none of that halvtalkery around here son.

We may have to use halvtalking to weed though this doublespeak.

That gamma response put those halvtalkers to shame (nerds).

Did y'all hear that halftalk on the porch last night.