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  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  highly  educated;  having  extensive  information  or 
  understanding;  "an  enlightened  public";  "knowing 
  instructors";  "a  knowledgeable  critic";  "a 
  knowledgeable  audience"  [syn:  {enlightened},  {knowing}, 
  {learned},  {lettered},  {well-educated},  {well-read}] 
  2:  thoroughly  acquainted  with  and  skilled  in  something  through 
  study  or  experience;  "well  versed  in  classical  languages" 
  [syn:  {versed}]  [ant:  {unversed}] 
  3:  alert  and  fully  informed;  "politically  aware";  "a  knowing 
  collector  of  rare  books";  "the  most...technically  aware  of 
  the  novelists  under  thirty"-  W.S.Graham;  "surprisingly 
  knowledgeable  about  what  was  going  on"  [syn:  {aware(p)},  {knowing}] 
  4:  thoroughly  acquainted  with  through  study  or  experience; 
  "this  girl,  so  intimate  with  nature"-W.H.Hudson; 
  "knowledgeable  about  the  technique  of  painting"-  Herbert 
  Read  [syn:  {intimate},  {intimate  with(p)},  {knowledgeable 

more about knowledgeable