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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Liable  \Li"a*ble\  (l[imac]"[.a]*b'l),  a.  [From  F.  lier  to  bind, 
  L.  ligare  Cf  {Ally},  v.  t.,  {Ligature}.] 
  1.  Bound  or  obliged  in  law  or  equity;  responsible; 
  answerable;  as  the  surety  is  liable  for  the  debt  of  his 
  2.  Exposed  to  a  certain  contingency  or  casualty,  more  or  less 
  probable;  --  with  to  and  an  infinitive  or  noun  as  liable 
  to  slip;  liable  to  accident. 
  Syn:  Accountable;  responsible;  answerable;  bound;  subject; 
  obnoxious;  exposed. 
  Usage:  {Liable},  {Subject}.  Liable  refers  to  a  future 
  possible  or  probable  happening  which  may  not  actually 
  occur;  as  horses  are  liable  to  slip;  even  the 
  sagacious  are  liable  to  make  mistakes.  Subject  refers 
  to  any  actual  state  or  condition  belonging  to  the 
  nature  or  circumstances  of  the  person  or  thing  spoken 
  of  or  to  that  which  often  befalls  one  One  whose 
  father  was  subject  to  attacks  of  the  gout  is  himself 
  liable  to  have  that  disease.  Men  are  constantly 
  subject  to  the  law,  but  liable  to  suffer  by  its 
  Proudly  secure,  yet  liable  to  fall.  --Milton. 
  All  human  things  are  subject  to  decay.  --Dryden. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  at  risk  of  or  subject  to  experiencing  something  usually 
  unpleasant;  "he  is  apt  to  lose";  "she  is  liable  to 
  forget"  [syn:  {apt(p)},  {liable(p)}] 
  2:  subject  to  legal  action  "liable  to  criminal  charges"  [syn: 
  3:  (often  followed  by  `to')  likely  to  be  affected  with  "liable 
  to  diabetes"  [syn:  {liable(p)},  {nonimmune},  {nonresistant}, 
  4:  held  legally  responsible;  "men  between  the  ages  of  18  and  35 
  were  liable  for  military  service" 

more about liable