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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Light  \Light\  (l[imac]t),  a.  [AS.  le['o]ht.  See  {Light},  n.] 
  [Compar.  {Lighter}  (-[~e]r);  superl.  {Lightest}.] 
  1.  Having  light;  not  dark  or  obscure;  bright;  clear;  as  the 
  apartment  is  light. 
  2.  White  or  whitish;  not  intense  or  very  marked;  not  of  a 
  deep  shade;  moderately  colored;  as  a  light  color;  a  light 
  brown;  a  light  complexion. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Light  \Light\,  a.  [Compar.  {Lighter}  (-[~e]r);  superl. 
  {Lightest}.]  [OE.  light,  liht,  AS  l[=i]ht,  le['o]ht;  akin  to 
  D.  ligt,  G.  leicht  OHG.  l[=i]hti,  Icel.  l[=e]ttr,  Dan.  let 
  Sw  l["a]tt,  Goth.  leihts  and  perh.  to  L.  levis  (cf. 
  {Levity}),  Gr  'elachy`s  small  Skr.  laghu  light.  [root]125. 
  1.  Having  little,  or  comparatively  little,  weight;  not 
  tending  to  the  center  of  gravity  with  force;  not  heavy. 
  These  weights  did  not  exert  their  natural  gravity,  . 
  .  .  insomuch  that  I  could  not  guess  which  was  light 
  or  heavy  whilst  I  held  them  in  my  hand.  --Addison. 
  2.  Not  burdensome;  easy  to  be  lifted,  borne,  or  carried  by 
  physical  strength;  as  a  light  burden,  or  load. 
  Ye  shall  find  rest  unto  your  souls.  For  my  yoke  is 
  easy,  and  my  burden  is  light.  --Matt.  xi 
  29,  30. 
  3.  Easy  to  be  endured  or  performed;  not  severe;  not 
  difficult;  as  a  light  affliction  or  task.  --Chaucer. 
  Light  sufferings  give  us  leisure  to  complain. 
  4.  Easy  to  be  digested;  not  oppressive  to  the  stomach;  as 
  light  food;  also  containing  little  nutriment. 
  5.  Not  heavily  armed;  armed  with  light  weapons;  as  light 
  troops;  a  troop  of  light  horse. 
  6.  Not  encumbered;  unembarrassed;  clear  of  impediments; 
  hence  active;  nimble;  swift. 
  Unmarried  men  are  best  friends,  best  masters  .  .  . 
  but  not  always  best  subjects,  for  they  are  light  to 
  run  away  --Bacon. 
  7.  Not  heavily  burdened;  not  deeply  laden;  not  sufficiently 
  ballasted;  as  the  ship  returned  light. 
  8.  Slight;  not  important;  as  a  light  error.  --Shak. 
  9.  Well  leavened;  not  heavy;  as  light  bread. 
  10.  Not  copious  or  heavy;  not  dense;  not  inconsiderable;  as 
  a  light  rain;  a  light  snow;  light  vapors. 
  11.  Not  strong  or  violent;  moderate;  as  a  light  wind. 
  12.  Not  pressing  heavily  or  hard  upon  hence  having  an  easy, 
  graceful  manner;  delicate;  as  a  light  touch;  a  light 
  style  of  execution. 
  13.  Easy  to  admit  influence;  inconsiderate;  easily  influenced 
  by  trifling  considerations;  unsteady;  unsettled; 
  volatile;  as  a  light,  vain  person;  a  light  mind. 
  There  is  no  greater  argument  of  a  light  and 
  inconsiderate  person  than  profanely  to  scoff  at 
  religion.  --Tillotson. 
  14.  Indulging  in  or  inclined  to  levity;  wanting  dignity  or 
  solemnity;  trifling;  gay;  frivolous;  airy;  unsubstantial. 
  Seneca  can  not  be  too  heavy,  nor  Plautus  too  light. 
  Specimens  of  New  England  humor  laboriously  light 
  and  lamentably  mirthful.  --Hawthorne. 
  15.  Not  quite  sound  or  normal;  somewhat  impaired  or  deranged; 
  dizzy;  giddy. 
  Are  his  wits  safe?  Is  he  not  light  of  brain  ? 
  16.  Easily  bestowed;  inconsiderately  rendered. 
  To  a  fair  semblance  doth  light  faith  annex. 
  17.  Wanton;  unchaste;  as  a  woman  of  light  character. 
  A  light  wife  doth  make  a  heavy  husband.  --Shak. 
  18.  Not  of  the  legal,  standard,  or  usual  weight;  clipped; 
  diminished;  as  light  coin. 
  19.  Loose;  sandy;  easily  pulverized;  as  a  light  soil. 
  {Light  cavalry},  {Light  horse}  (Mil.),  light-armed  soldiers 
  mounted  on  strong  and  active  horses. 
  {Light  eater},  one  who  eats  but  little. 
  {Light  infantry},  infantry  soldiers  selected  and  trained  for 
  rapid  evolutions. 
  {Light  of  foot}. 
  a  Having  a  light  step. 
  b  Fleet. 
  {Light  of  heart},  gay,  cheerful. 
  {Light  oil}  (Chem.),  the  oily  product,  lighter  than  water, 
  forming  the  chief  part  of  the  first  distillate  of  coal 
  tar,  and  consisting  largely  of  benzene  and  toluene. 
  {Light  sails}  (Naut.),  all  the  sails  above  the  topsails, 
  with  also  the  studding  sails  and  flying  jib.  --Dana. 
  {Light  sleeper},  one  easily  wakened. 
  {Light  weight},  a  prize  fighter,  boxer,  wrestler,  or  jockey, 
  who  is  below  a  standard  medium  weight.  Cf  {Feather 
  weight},  under  {Feather}.  [Cant] 
  {To  make  light  of},  to  treat  as  of  little  consequence;  to 
  slight;  to  disregard. 
  {To  set  light  by},  to  undervalue;  to  slight;  to  treat  as  of 
  no  importance;  to  despise. 

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