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  4  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Natural  \Nat"u*ral\  (?;  135),  a.  [OE.  naturel,  F.  naturel,  fr 
  L.  naturalis,  fr  natura.  See  {Nature}.] 
  1.  Fixed  or  determined  by  nature;  pertaining  to  the 
  constitution  of  a  thing  belonging  to  native  character; 
  according  to  nature;  essential;  characteristic;  not 
  artifical,  foreign,  assumed,  put  on  or  acquired;  as  the 
  natural  growth  of  animals  or  plants;  the  natural  motion  of 
  a  gravitating  body;  natural  strength  or  disposition;  the 
  natural  heat  of  the  body;  natural  color. 
  With  strong  natural  sense  and  rare  force  of  will 
  2.  Conformed  to  the  order  laws,  or  actual  facts,  of  nature; 
  consonant  to  the  methods  of  nature;  according  to  the 
  stated  course  of  things  or  in  accordance  with  the  laws 
  which  govern  events,  feelings,  etc.;  not  exceptional  or 
  violent;  legitimate;  normal;  regular;  as  the  natural 
  consequence  of  crime;  a  natural  death. 
  What  can  be  more  natural  than  the  circumstances  in 
  the  behavior  of  those  women  who  had  lost  their 
  husbands  on  this  fatal  day?  --Addison. 
  3.  Having  to  do  with  existing  system  to  things  dealing  with 
  or  derived  from  the  creation,  or  the  world  of  matter  and 
  mind,  as  known  by  man;  within  the  scope  of  human  reason  or 
  experience;  not  supernatural;  as  a  natural  law;  natural 
  science;  history,  theology. 
  I  call  that  natural  religion  which  men  might  know  . 
  .  .  by  the  mere  principles  of  reason,  improved  by 
  consideration  and  experience,  without  the  help  of 
  revelation.  --Bp.  Wilkins. 
  4.  Conformed  to  truth  or  reality;  as: 
  a  Springing  from  true  sentiment;  not  artifical  or 
  exaggerated;  --  said  of  action  delivery,  etc.;  as  a 
  natural  gesture,  tone,  etc 
  b  Resembling  the  object  imitated;  true  to  nature; 
  according  to  the  life;  --  said  of  anything  copied  or 
  imitated;  as  a  portrait  is  natural. 
  5.  Having  the  character  or  sentiments  properly  belonging  to 
  one's  position;  not  unnatural  in  feelings. 
  To  leave  his  wife,  to  leave  his  babes,  .  .  .  He 
  wants  the  natural  touch.  --Shak. 
  6.  Connected  by  the  ties  of  consanguinity.  ``Natural 
  friends.''  --J.  H.  Newman. 
  7.  Begotten  without  the  sanction  of  law;  born  out  of  wedlock; 
  illegitimate;  bastard;  as  a  natural  child. 
  8.  Of  or  pertaining  to  the  lower  or  animal  nature,  as 
  contrasted  with  the  higher  or  moral  powers,  or  that  which 
  is  spiritual;  being  in  a  state  of  nature;  unregenerate. 
  The  natural  man  receiveth  not  the  things  of  the 
  Spirit  of  God.  --1  Cor.  ii 
  9.  (Math.)  Belonging  to  to  be  taken  in  or  referred  to  some 
  system,  in  which  the  base  is  1;  --  said  or  certain 
  functions  or  numbers;  as  natural  numbers,  those 
  commencing  at  1;  natural  sines,  cosines,  etc.,  those  taken 
  in  arcs  whose  radii  are  1. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Natural  \Nat"u*ral\  (?;  135),  n. 
  1.  A  native;  an  aboriginal.  [Obs.]  --Sir  W.  Raleigh. 
  2.  pl  Natural  gifts,  impulses,  etc  [Obs.]  --Fuller. 
  3.  One  born  without  the  usual  powers  of  reason  or 
  understanding;  an  idiot.  ``The  minds  of  naturals.'' 
  4.  (Mus.)  A  character  [[natural]]  used  to  contradict,  or  to 
  remove  the  effect  of  a  sharp  or  flat  which  has  preceded 
  it  and  to  restore  the  unaltered  note. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  in  accordance  with  or  determined  by  nature  or  natural  laws; 
  "a  natural  death";  "natural  phenomena";  "a  natural 
  gift  for  sport"  [ant:  {unnatural}] 
  2:  existing  in  or  produced  by  nature;  "a  natural  pearl"; 
  "natural  deposits  of  potassium  salts";  "natural 
  resources";  "natural  fibers";  natural  blonde  hair";  "the 
  natural  color  of  raw  silk"  [ant:  {artificial}] 
  3:  existing  in  or  in  conformity  with  nature  or  the  observable 
  world;  "natural  laws";  "natural  phenomena";  "our  natural 
  environment";  "natural  cliffs"  [ant:  {supernatural}] 
  4:  (biology)  functioning  or  occurring  in  a  natural  way  lacking 
  abnormalities  or  deficiencies;  "a  natural  fear  of  nuclear 
  war";  "natural  immunity";  "a  grandparent's  natural 
  affection  for  a  grandchild" 
  5:  relating  to  or  concerning  nature;  "natural  science";  "our 
  natural  environment" 
  6:  not  by  design  or  artifice;  unforced  and  impromptu;  "an  air 
  of  unstudied  spontaneous  utterance  is  apt  to  be 
  painstakingly  achieved";  "simple  unstudied  charm"  [syn:  {unstudied}, 
  {uncontrived}]  [ant:  {studied}] 
  7:  (music)  of  a  key  containing  no  sharps  or  flats;  "B  natural" 
  [ant:  {sharp},  {flat}] 
  8:  free  of  artificiality;  sincere  and  genuine;  "an  unaffected 
  grace"  [syn:  {unaffected}]  [ant:  {affected}] 
  9:  (used  especially  of  commodities)  in  the  natural  unprocessed 
  condition;  "natural  produce";  "raw  wool";  "raw  sugar"; 
  "bales  of  rude  cotton"  [syn:  {raw(a)},  {rude(a)}] 
  10:  produced  without  being  planted  or  without  human  labor;  "wild 
  strawberries"  [syn:  {wild},  {spontaneous}] 
  11:  involving  or  derived  from  living  organisms;  free  from 
  chemical  treatments  or  additives;  "organic  gardening  is 
  more  natural";  "nonsynthetic  fertilizer"  [syn:  {nonsynthetic}] 
  12:  born  out  of  wedlock;  "the  dominions  of  both  rulers  passed 
  away  to  their  spurious  or  doubtful  offspring"- 
  E.A.Freeman  [syn:  {bastard},  {bastardly},  {misbegot},  {misbegotten}, 
  {natural(a)},  {spurious}] 
  13:  related  by  blood;  not  adopted;  "natural  parent";  "biological 
  14:  natural  looking;  "a  natural  pose"  [syn:  {lifelike}] 
  n  1:  someone  regarded  as  certain  to  succeed;  "he's  a  natural  for 
  the  job" 
  2:  a  notation  cancelling  a  previous  sharp  or  flat  [syn:  {cancel}] 
  3:  (in  craps)  a  first  roll  of  7  or  11  that  immediately  wins  the 
  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  An  integrated  {4GL}  from  {Software  AG},  Germany.  The 
  menu-driven  version  is  SUPER/NATURAL. 
  Natural  2  is  a  major  upgrade  to  Natural  1. 
  Version  2.1.7  in  the  MVS  environment  (June  1995,  also 
  available  for  Unix). 
  Natural  works  with  {DB2}  and  various  other  {databases},  but 
  Natural  and  {Adabas}  normally  go  together.  There  are  many 
  products  available  in  the  Natural"  family,  including 
  SuperNatural,  Natural  for  Windows,  Entire  Connection  (enables 
  up/downloading  and  interaction  with  {Excel})  and  Esperant. 

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