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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Lost  \Lost\,  a.  [Prop.  p.  p.  of  OE  losien  See  {Lose},  v.  t.] 
  1.  Parted  with  unwillingly  or  unintentionally;  not  to  be 
  found  missing;  as  a  lost  book  or  sheep. 
  2.  Parted  with  no  longer  held  or  possessed;  as  a  lost  limb; 
  lost  honor. 
  3.  Not  employed  or  enjoyed;  thrown  away  employed 
  ineffectually;  wasted;  squandered;  as  a  lost  day  a  lost 
  opportunity  or  benefit. 
  5.  Having  wandered  from  or  unable  to  find  the  way 
  bewildered;  perplexed;  as  a  child  lost  in  the  woods;  a 
  stranger  lost  in  London. 
  6.  Ruined  or  destroyed,  either  physically  or  morally;  past 
  help  or  hope;  as  a  ship  lost  at  sea;  a  woman  lost  to 
  virtue;  a  lost  soul. 
  7.  Hardened  beyond  sensibility  or  recovery;  alienated; 
  insensible;  as  lost  to  shame;  lost  to  all  sense  of  honor. 
  8.  Not  perceptible  to  the  senses  no  longer  visible;  as  an 
  island  lost  in  a  fog;  a  person  lost  in  a  crowd. 
  9.  Occupied  with  or  under  the  influence  of  something  so  as 
  to  be  insensible  of  external  things  as  to  be  lost  in 
  {Lost  motion}  (Mach.),  the  difference  between  the  motion  of  a 
  driver  and  that  of  a  follower,  due  to  the  yielding  of 
  parts  or  looseness  of  joints. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  no  longer  in  your  possession  or  control;  unable  to  be  found 
  or  recovered;  "a  lost  child";  "lost  friends";  "his 
  lost  book";  "lost  opportunities"  [ant:  {found}] 
  2:  having  lost  your  bearings;  confused  as  to  time  or  place  or 
  personal  identity;  "I  frequently  find  myself  disoriented 
  when  I  come  up  out  of  the  subway";  "the  anesthetic  left 
  her  completely  disoriented"  [syn:  {confused},  {disoriented}] 
  3:  spiritually  or  physically  doomed  or  destroyed;  "lost  souls"; 
  "a  lost  generation";  "a  lost  ship";  "the  lost  platoon" 
  [ant:  {saved}] 
  4:  not  gained  or  won;  "a  lost  battle";  "a  lost  prize"  [ant:  {won}] 
  5:  incapable  of  being  recovered  or  regained;  "his  lost  honor" 
  6:  not  caught  with  the  senses  or  the  mind;  "words  lost  in  the 
  din"  [syn:  {missed}] 
  7:  deeply  absorbed  in  thought;  "as  distant  and  bemused  as  a 
  professor  listening  to  the  prattling  of  his  freshman 
  class";  "lost  in  thought";  "a  preoccupied  frown"  [syn:  {bemused}, 
  {deep  in  thought(p)},  {lost(p)},  {preoccupied}] 
  8:  no  longer  known  irretrievable;  "a  forgotten  art";  "a  lost 
  art";  "lost  civilizations"  [syn:  {forgotten}] 
  9:  perplexed  by  many  conflicting  situations  or  statements; 
  filled  with  bewilderment;  "obviously  bemused  by  his 
  questions";  "bewildered  and  confused";  "a  cloudy  and 
  confounded  philosopher";  "just  a  mixed-up  kid";  "she  felt 
  lost  on  the  first  day  of  school"  [syn:  {baffled},  {befuddled}, 
  {bemused},  {bewildered},  {confounded},  {confused},  {mazed}, 
  {mixed-up},  {at  sea}] 
  10:  unable  to  function;  without  help  [syn:  {helpless}] 
  n  :  people  who  are  destined  to  die  soon;  "the  agony  of  the 
  doomed  was  in  his  voice"  [syn:  {doomed}] 

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