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  4  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Opportunity  \Op`por*tu"ni*ty\,  n.;  pl  {Opportunities}.  [F. 
  opportunit['e],  L.  opportunitas  See  {Opportune}.] 
  1.  Fit  or  convenient  time;  a  time  or  place  favorable  for 
  executing  a  purpose;  a  suitable  combination  of  conditions; 
  suitable  occasion;  chance. 
  A  wise  man  will  make  more  opportunities  than  he 
  finds  --Bacon. 
  2.  Convenience  of  situation;  fitness.  [Obs.] 
  Hull,  a  town  of  great  strength  and  opportunity,  both 
  to  sea  and  land  affairs.  --Milton. 
  3.  Importunity;  earnestness.  [Obs.]  --Jer.  Taylor. 
  Syn:  Occasion;  convenience;  occurrence. 
  Usage:  {Opportunity},  {Occasion}.  An  occasion  is  that  which 
  falls  in  our  way  or  presents  itself  in  the  course  of 
  events;  an  opportunity  is  a  convenience  or  fitness  of 
  time,  place  etc.,  for  the  doing  of  a  thing  Hence 
  occasions  often  make  opportunities.  The  occasion  of 
  sickness  may  give  opportunity  for  reflection. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  :  a  possibility  due  to  a  favorable  combination  of 
  circumstances;  "the  holiday  gave  us  the  opportunity  to 
  visit  Washington";  "now  is  your  chance"  [syn:  {chance}] 
  From  U.S.  Gazetteer  (1990)  [gazetteer]: 
  Opportunity,  WA  (CDP,  FIPS  51515) 
  Location:  47.64945  N,  117.24045  W 
  Population  (1990):  22326  (8917  housing  units) 
  Area:  17.3  sq  km  (land),  0.0  sq  km  (water) 
  From  THE  DEVIL'S  DICTIONARY  ((C)1911  Released  April  15  1993)  [devils]: 
  OPPORTUNITY,  n.  A  favorable  occasion  for  grasping  a  disappointment. 

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