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  3  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Throw  \Throw\,  v.  t.  [imp.  {Threw}  (thr[udd]);  p.  p.  {Thrown} 
  (thr[=o]n);  p.  pr  &  vb  n.  {Throwing}.]  [OE.  [thorn]rowen, 
  [thorn]rawen,  to  throw,  to  twist,  AS  [thorn]r[=a]wan  to 
  twist,  to  whirl;  akin  to  D.  draaijen  G.  drehen  OHG. 
  dr[=a]jan,  L.  terebra  an  auger,  gimlet,  Gr  ?  to  bore,  to 
  turn,  ?  to  pierce,  ?  a  hole.  Cf  {Thread},  {Trite},  {Turn}, 
  v.  t.] 
  1.  To  fling,  cast,  or  hurl  with  a  certain  whirling  motion  of 
  the  arm,  to  throw  a  ball;  --  distinguished  from  to  toss 
  or  to  bowl. 
  2.  To  fling  or  cast  in  any  manner;  to  drive  to  a  distance 
  from  the  hand  or  from  an  engine;  to  propel;  to  send  as 
  to  throw  stones  or  dust  with  the  hand;  a  cannon  throws  a 
  ball;  a  fire  engine  throws  a  stream  of  water  to  extinguish 
  3.  To  drive  by  violence;  as  a  vessel  or  sailors  may  be 
  thrown  upon  a  rock. 
  4.  (Mil.)  To  cause  to  take  a  strategic  position;  as  he  threw 
  a  detachment  of  his  army  across  the  river. 
  5.  To  overturn;  to  prostrate  in  wrestling;  as  a  man  throws 
  his  antagonist. 
  6.  To  cast,  as  dice;  to  venture  at  dice. 
  Set  less  than  thou  throwest  --Shak. 
  7.  To  put  on  hastily;  to  spread  carelessly. 
  O'er  his  fair  limbs  a  flowery  vest  he  threw.  --Pope. 
  8.  To  divest  or  strip  one's  self  of  to  put  off 
  There  the  snake  throws  her  enameled  skin.  --Shak. 
  9.  (Pottery)  To  form  or  shape  roughly  on  a  throwing  engine, 
  or  potter's  wheel,  as  earthen  vessels. 
  10.  To  give  forcible  utterance  to  to  cast;  to  vent. 
  I  have  thrown  A  brave  defiance  in  King  Henry's 
  teeth.  --Shak. 
  11.  To  bring  forth;  to  produce,  as  young;  to  bear;  --  said 
  especially  of  rabbits. 
  12.  To  twist  two  or  more  filaments  of  as  silk,  so  as  to  form 
  one  thread;  to  twist  together,  as  singles,  in  a  direction 
  contrary  to  the  twist  of  the  singles  themselves;  -- 
  sometimes  applied  to  the  whole  class  of  operations  by 
  which  silk  is  prepared  for  the  weaver.  --Tomlinson. 
  {To  throw  away}. 
  a  To  lose  by  neglect  or  folly;  to  spend  in  vain;  to 
  bestow  without  a  compensation;  as  to  throw  away 
  time;  to  throw  away  money. 
  b  To  reject;  as  to  throw  away  a  good  book,  or  a  good 
  {To  throw  back}. 
  a  To  retort;  to  cast  back  as  a  reply. 
  b  To  reject;  to  refuse. 
  c  To  reflect,  as  light. 
  {To  throw  by},  to  lay  aside;  to  discard;  to  neglect  as 
  useless;  as  to  throw  by  a  garment. 
  {To  throw  down},  to  subvert;  to  overthrow;  to  destroy;  as  to 
  throw  down  a  fence  or  wall. 
  {To  throw  in}. 
  a  To  inject,  as  a  fluid. 
  b  To  put  in  to  deposit  with  others  to  contribute;  as 
  to  throw  in  a  few  dollars  to  help  make  up  a  fund;  to 
  throw  in  an  occasional  comment. 
  c  To  add  without  enumeration  or  valuation,  as  something 
  extra  to  clinch  a  bargain. 
  {To  throw  off}. 
  a  To  expel;  to  free  one's  self  from  as  to  throw  off  a 
  b  To  reject;  to  discard;  to  abandon;  as  to  throw  off 
  all  sense  of  shame;  to  throw  off  a  dependent. 
  c  To  make  a  start  in  a  hunt  or  race.  [Eng.] 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Thrown  \Thrown\, 
  a.  &  p.  p.  from  {Throw},  v. 
  {Thrown  silk},  silk  thread  consisting  of  two  or  more  singles 
  twisted  together  like  a  rope,  in  a  direction  contrary  to 
  that  in  which  the  singles  of  which  it  is  composed  are 
  twisted.  --M'Culloch. 
  {Thrown  singles},  silk  thread  or  cord  made  by  three  processes 
  of  twisting,  first  into  singles,  two  or  more  of  which  are 
  twisted  together  making  dumb  singles,  and  several  of  these 
  twisted  together  to  make  thrown  singles. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  caused  to  fall  to  the  ground;  "the  thrown  rider  got  back  on 
  his  horse";  "a  thrown  wrestler";  "a  ball  player  thrown 
  for  a  loss" 
  2:  (archaic)  twisted  together;  as  of  filaments  spun  into  a 
  thread;  "thrown  silk  is  raw  silk  that  has  been  twisted  and 
  doubled  into  yarn"  [syn:  {thrown  and  twisted}] 

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