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  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  1:  the  persons  (or  committees  or  departments  etc.)  who  make  up 
  a  governing  body  and  who  administer  something  "he 
  claims  that  the  present  administration  is  corrupt";  "the 
  governance  of  an  association  is  responsible  to  its 
  members";  "he  quickly  became  recognized  as  a  member  of 
  the  establishment"  [syn:  {administration},  {governance}, 
  {establishment},  {brass},  {organization}] 
  2:  a  group  of  people  who  work  together  [syn:  {organization}] 
  3:  an  organized  structure  for  arranging  or  classifying;  "he 
  changed  the  arrangement  of  the  topics";  "the  facts  were 
  familiar  but  it  was  in  the  organization  of  them  that  he 
  was  original";  "he  tried  to  understand  their  system  of 
  classification"  [syn:  {arrangement},  {organization},  {system}] 
  4:  an  ordered  manner;  orderliness  by  virtue  of  being  methodical 
  and  well  organized;  "his  compulsive  organization  was  not 
  an  endearing  quality";  "we  can't  do  it  unless  we  establish 
  some  system  around  here"  [syn:  {organization},  {system}] 
  5:  the  act  of  organizing  a  business  or  business-related 
  activity;  "he  was  brought  in  to  supervise  the  organization 
  of  a  new  department"  [syn:  {organization}] 
  6:  the  activity  or  result  of  distributing  or  disposing  persons 
  or  things  properly  or  methodically;  "in  this  new 
  organization  the  container  is  much  smaller"  [syn:  {organization}, 
  7:  the  act  of  forming  something  "the  constitution  of  a  PTA 
  group";  "he  still  remembers  the  establishment  of  the 
  hospital"  [syn:  {constitution},  {establishment},  {formation}, 

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