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  5  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Seek  \Seek\,  v.  i. 
  To  make  search  or  inquiry:  to  endeavor  to  make  discovery. 
  Seek  ye  out  of  the  book  of  the  Lord,  and  read.  --Isa. 
  xxxiv  16. 
  {To  seek},  needing  to  seek  or  search;  hence  unpreparated 
  ``Unpracticed,  unpreparated  and  still  to  seek.'' 
  --Milton.  [Obs] 
  {To  seek  after},  to  make  pursuit  of  to  attempt  to  find  or 
  {To  seek  for},  to  endeavor  to  find 
  {To  seek  to},  to  apply  to  to  resort  to  to  court.  [Obs.] 
  ``All  the  earth  sought  to  Solomon,  to  hear  his  wisdom.'' 
  --1.  Kings  x.  24. 
  {To  seek  upon},  to  make  strict  inquiry  after  to  follow  up 
  to  persecute.  [Obs.] 
  To  seek  Upon  a  man  and  do  his  soul  unrest. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Seek  \Seek\,  a. 
  Sick.  [Obs.]  --Chaucer. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Seek  \Seek\,  v.  t.  [imp.  &  p.  p.  {Sought};  p.  pr  &  vb  n. 
  {Seeking}.]  [OE,  seken,  AS  s?can,  s?cean;  akin  to  OS 
  s?kian,  LG  s["o]ken,  D.  zoeken  OHG.  suohhan  G.  suchen, 
  Icel.  s?kja,  Sw  s["o]ka,  Dan.  s["o]ge,  Goth.  s?kjan,  and  E. 
  sake.  Cf  {Beseech},  {Ransack},  {Sagacious},  {Sake},  {Soc}.] 
  1.  To  go  in  search  of  to  look  for  to  search  for  to  try  to 
  The  man  saked  him  saying,  What  seekest  thou?  And  he 
  said  I  seek  my  brethren.  --Gen.  xxxvii 
  2.  To  inquire  for  to  ask  for  to  solicit;  to  bessech. 
  Others  tempting  him  sought  of  him  a  sign.  --Luke 
  xi  16. 
  3.  To  try  to  acquire  or  gain;  to  strive  after  to  aim  at  as 
  to  seek  wealth  or  fame;  to  seek  one's  life. 
  4.  To  try  to  reach  or  come  to  to  go  to  to  resort  to 
  Seek  not  Bethel,  nor  enter  into  Gilgal.  --Amos  v.  5. 
  Since  great  Ulysses  sought  the  Phrygian  plains. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  :  (computer  science)  the  movement  of  a  read/write  head  to  a 
  specific  data  track  on  a  disk 
  v  1:  try  to  get  or  reach;  "seek  a  position";  "seek  an  education"; 
  "seek  happiness" 
  2:  try  to  locate  or  discover,  or  try  to  establish  the  existence 
  of  "The  police  are  searching  for  clues";  "They  are 
  searching  for  the  missing  man  in  the  entire  county"  [syn: 
  {search},  {look  for}] 
  3:  make  an  effort  or  attempt;  "He  tried  to  shake  off  his 
  fears";  "The  infant  had  essayed  a  few  wobbly  steps";  "The 
  police  attempted  to  stop  the  thief";  "He  sought  to  improve 
  himself";  "She  always  seeks  to  do  good  in  the  world"  [syn: 
  {try},  {attempt},  {essay},  {assay}] 
  4:  go  to  or  towards;  "a  liquid  seeks  its  own  level" 
  5:  inquire  for  "seek  directions  from  a  local" 
  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  1.    To  move  the  head  of  a  {disk  drive}  radially, 
  i.e.,  to  move  from  one  {track}  to  another. 
  2.    To  wind  the  {tape}  to  a  given  location. 
  3.    To  move  the  pointer  that  marks  the  next  {byte} 
  to  be  read  from  or  written  to  a  {file}. 

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