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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Symptomatic  \Symp`tom*at"ic\,  Symptomatical  \Symp`tom*at"ic*al\, 
  a.  [Cf.  F.  symptomatique  Gr  ?  causal.] 
  1.  Of  or  pertaining  to  symptoms;  happening  in  concurrence 
  with  something  being  a  symptom;  indicating  the  existence 
  of  something  else. 
  Symptomatic  of  a  shallow  understanding  and  an 
  unamiable  temper.  --Macaulay. 
  2.  According  to  symptoms;  as  a  symptomatical  classification 
  of  diseases.  --  {Symp`tom*at"ic*al*ly},  adv 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  characteristic  or  indicative  of  e.g.  a  disease;  "a 
  diagnostic  sign  of  yellow  fever";  "diagnostic 
  information";  "a  rash  symptomatic  of  scarlet  fever"; 
  "symptomatic  of  insanity";  "a  rise  in  crime 
  symptomatic  of  social  breakdown"  [syn:  {diagnostic},  {symptomatic 
  2:  relating  to  or  according  to  or  affecting  a  symptom  or 
  symptoms;  "symptomatic  relief";  "symptomatic  treatment"; 
  "a  symptomatic  classification  of  diseases" 

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