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  3  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Month  \Month\,  n.  [OE.  month,  moneth,  AS  m[=o]n?,  m[=o]na?; 
  akin  to  m[=o]na  moon,  and  to  D.  maand  month,  G.  monat,  OHG. 
  m[=a]n[=o]d,  Icel.  m[=a]nu?r,  m[=a]na?r,  Goth.  m[=e]n[=o]?s. 
  [root]272.  See  {Moon}.] 
  One  of  the  twelve  portions  into  which  the  year  is  divided; 
  the  twelfth  part  of  a  year,  corresponding  nearly  to  the 
  length  of  a  synodic  revolution  of  the  moon,  --  whence  the 
  name  In  popular  use  a  period  of  four  weeks  is  often  called 
  a  month. 
  Note:  In  the  common  law,  a  month  is  a  lunar  month,  or 
  twenty-eight  days,  unless  otherwise  expressed. 
  --Blackstone.  In  the  United  States  the  rule  of  the 
  common  law  is  generally  changed,  and  a  month  is 
  declared  to  mean  a  calendar  month.  --Cooley's 
  {A  month  mind}. 
  a  A  strong  or  abnormal  desire.  [Obs.]  --Shak. 
  b  A  celebration  made  in  remembrance  of  a  deceased  person  a 
  month  after  death.  --Strype. 
  {Calendar  months},  the  months  as  adjusted  in  the  common  or 
  Gregorian  calendar;  April,  June,  September,  and  November, 
  containing  30  days,  and  the  rest  31,  except  February, 
  which  in  common  years,  has  28,  and  in  leap  years  29. 
  {Lunar  month},  the  period  of  one  revolution  of  the  moon, 
  particularly  a  synodical  revolution;  but  several  kinds  are 
  distinguished,  as  the  {synodical  month},  or  period  from 
  one  new  moon  to  the  next  in  mean  length  29  d.  12  h.  44  m. 
  2.87  s.;  the  {nodical  month},  or  time  of  revolution  from 
  one  node  to  the  same  again  in  length  27  d.  5  h.  5  m.  36 
  s.;  the  {sidereal},  or  time  of  revolution  from  a  star  to 
  the  same  again  equal  to  27  d.  7  h.  43  m.  11.5  s.;  the 
  {anomalistic},  or  time  of  revolution  from  perigee  to 
  perigee  again  in  length  27  d.  13  h.  18  m.  37.4  s.;  and 
  the  {tropical},  or  time  of  passing  from  any  point  of  the 
  ecliptic  to  the  same  again  equal  to  27  d.  7  h.  43  m.  4.7 
  {Solar  month},  the  time  in  which  the  sun  passes  through  one 
  sign  of  the  zodiac,  in  mean  length  30  d.  10  h.  29  m.  4.1 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Tropical  \Trop"ic*al\,  a.  [Cf.  L.  tropicus  of  turning,  Gr  ?. 
  See  {Tropic},  n.] 
  1.  Of  or  pertaining  to  the  tropics;  characteristic  of  or 
  incident  to  the  tropics;  being  within  the  tropics;  as 
  tropical  climate;  tropical  latitudes;  tropical  heat; 
  tropical  diseases. 
  2.  [From  {Trope}.]  Rhetorically  changed  from  its  exact 
  original  sense  being  of  the  nature  of  a  trope; 
  figurative;  metaphorical.  --Jer.  Taylor. 
  The  foundation  of  all  parables  is  some  analogy  or 
  similitude  between  the  tropical  or  allusive  part  of 
  the  parable  and  the  thing  intended  by  it  --South. 
  {Tropic  month}.  See  {Lunar  month},  under  {Month}. 
  {Tropic  year},  the  solar  year;  the  period  occupied  by  the  sun 
  in  passing  from  one  tropic  or  one  equinox  to  the  same 
  again  having  a  mean  length  of  365  days,  5  hours,  48 
  minutes,  46.0  seconds,  which  is  20  minutes,  23.3  seconds 
  shorter  than  the  sidereal  year,  on  account  of  the 
  precession  of  the  equinoxes. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  relating  to  or  situated  in  or  characteristic  of  the  tropics 
  (the  region  on  either  side  of  the  equator);  "tropical 
  islands";  "tropical  fruit"  [syn:  {tropic}] 
  2:  (rhetoric)  characterized  by  or  of  the  nature  of  a  trope  or 
  tropes;  changed  from  its  literal  sense 
  3:  of  weather  or  climate;  hot  and  humid  as  in  the  tropics; 
  "tropical  weather"  [syn:  {tropic}] 

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