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warfaremore about warfare


  3  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Warfare  \War"fare`\,  n.  [War  +  OE  fare  a  journey,  a  passage, 
  course,  AS  faru.  See  {Fare},  n.] 
  1.  Military  service;  military  life;  contest  carried  on  by 
  enemies;  hostilities;  war. 
  The  Philistines  gathered  their  armies  together  for 
  warfare,  to  fight  with  Israel.  --I  Sam. 
  xxviii.  1. 
  This  day  from  battle  rest;  Faithful  hath  been  your 
  warfare.  --Milton. 
  2.  Contest;  struggle. 
  The  weapons  of  our  warfare  are  not  carnal.  --2  Cor. 
  x.  4. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Warfare  \War"fare`\,  v.  i. 
  To  lead  a  military  life;  to  carry  on  continual  wars. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  1:  the  waging  of  armed  conflict  against  an  enemy;  "thousands  of 
  people  were  killed  in  the  war"  [syn:  {war}] 
  2:  an  active  struggle  between  competing  entities;  "a  price 
  war";  "a  war  of  wits";  "diplomatic  warfare"  [syn:  {war}] 

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