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  From  Jargon  File  (4.2.3,  23  NOV  2000)  [jargon]: 
  BOF  /B-O-F/  or  /bof/  n.  1.  [common]  Abbreviation  for  the 
  phrase  "Birds  Of  a  Feather"  (flocking  together),  an  informal  discussion 
  group  and/or  bull  session  scheduled  on  a  conference  program.  It  is 
  not  clear  where  or  when  this  term  originated,  but  it  is  now  associated 
  with  the  USENIX  conferences  for  Unix  techies  and  was  already  established 
  there  by  1984.  It  was  used  earlier  than  that  at  DECUS  conferences  and 
  is  reported  to  have  been  common  at  SHARE  meetings  as  far  back  as  the 
  early  1960s.  2.  Acronym,  `Beginning  of  File'. 
  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  /B-O-F/  or  /bof/  1.  {Birds  Of  a  Feather}. 
  2.  Boring  Old  Fart. 
  [{Jargon  File}] 
  From  V.E.R.A.  --  Virtual  Entity  of  Relevant  Acronyms  13  March  2001  [vera]: 
  Birds  Of  a  Feather  (Usenix)