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  3  definitions  found 
  From  U.S.  Gazetteer  (1990)  [gazetteer]: 
  Bozrah,  CT 
  Zip  code(s):  06334 
  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  enclosure;  fortress.  (1.)  The  city  of  Jobab,  one  of  the  early 
  Edomite  kings  (Gen.  36:33).  This  place  is  mentioned  by  the 
  prophets  in  later  times  (Isa.  34:6;  Jer.  49:13;  Amos  1:12;  Micah 
  2:12).  Its  modern  representative  is  el-Busseireh.  It  lies  in  the 
  mountain  district  of  Petra,  20  miles  to  the  south-east  of  the 
  Dead  Sea. 
  (2.)  A  Moabite  city  in  the  "plain  country"  (Jer.  48:24),  i.e., 
  on  the  high  level  down  on  the  east  of  the  Dead  Sea.  It  is 
  probably  the  modern  Buzrah. 
  From  Hitchcock's  Bible  Names  Dictionary  (late  1800's)  [hitchcock]: 
  Bozrah,  in  tribulation  or  distress