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  From  The  Free  On-line  Dictionary  of  Computing  (13  Mar  01)  [foldoc]: 
  1.  Computer  Definition  [Design?]  Language.  A  hardware 
  description  language.  "Computer  Organisation  and 
  Microprogramming",  Yaohan  Chu,  P-H  1970. 
  2.  Command  Definition  Language.  Portion  of  ICES  used  to 
  implement  commands.  Sammet  1969,  p.618-620. 
  3.  Compiler  Description  Language.  C.H.A.  Koster,  1969. 
  Intended  for  implementation  of  the  rules  of  an  affix  grammar 
  by  recursive  procedures.  A  procedure  may  be  a  set  of 
  tree-structured  alternatives,  each  alternative  is  executed 
  until  one  successfully  exits.  Used  in  a  portable  COBOL-74 
  compiler  from  MPB,  mprolog  system  from  SzKI,  and  the  Mephisto 
  chess  computer.  "CDL:  A  Compiler  Implementation  Language",  in 
  Methods  of  Algorithmic  Language  Implementation,  C.H.A.  Koster, 
  LNCS  47,  Springer  1977,  pp.341-351.  "Using  the  CDL  Compiler 
  Compiler",  C.H.A.  Koster,  1974.  Versions:  CDL2,  CDLM  used  at 
  4.  Common  Design  Language.  "Common  Design  Language",  IBM, 
  Software  Engineering  Inst,  Sept  1983. 
  5.  Control  Definition  Language.  Ideas  which  contributed  to 
  ["Control  Structures  for  Programming  Languges",  David 
  A.  Fisher,  PhD  Thesis,  CMU  1970].