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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  lyre,  the  singular  form  of  the  word  (Deut.  3:17;  Josh.  19:35), 
  which  is  also  used  in  the  plural  form  Chinneroth,  the  name  of  a 
  fenced  city  which  stood  near  the  shore  of  the  lake  of  Galilee,  a 
  little  to  the  south  of  Tiberias.  The  town  seems  to  have  given 
  its  name  to  a  district,  as  appears  from  1  Kings  15:20,  where  the 
  plural  form  of  the  word  is  used 
  The  Sea  of  Chinnereth  (Num.  34:11;  Josh.  13:27),  or  of 
  Chinneroth  (Josh.  12:  3),  was  the  "lake  of  Gennesaret"  or  "sea 
  of  Tiberias"  (Deut.  3:17;  Josh.  11:2).  Chinnereth  was  probably 
  an  ancient  Canaanitish  name  adopted  by  the  Israelites  into  their