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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  leaders,  a  race  descended  from  Javan  (Gen.  10:4).  They  are  known 
  in  profane  history  as  the  Dardani  originally  inhabiting 
  Illyricum.  They  were  a  semi-Pelasgic  race,  and  in  the 
  ethnographical  table  (Gen.  10)  they  are  grouped  with  the  Chittim 
  (q.v.).  In  1  Chr.  1:7,  they  are  called  Rodanim.  The  LXX.  and  the 
  Samaritan  Version  also  read  Rhodii,  whence  some  have  concluded 
  that  the  Rhodians,  the  inhabitants  of  the  island  of  Rhodes,  are