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platemore about plate


  4  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Plasmon  butter  \Plasmon  butter\,  and  resembles  clotted  cream  in 
  appearance.  Plate  \Plate\,  n. 
  1.  (Baseball)  A  small  five-sided  area  (enveloping  a 
  diamond-shaped  area  one  foot  square)  beside  which  the 
  batter  stands  and  which  must  be  touched  by  some  part  of  a 
  player  on  completing  a  run;  --  called  also  {home  base},  or 
  {home  plate}. 
  2.  One  of  the  thin  parts  of  the  bricket  of  an  animal. 
  3.  A  very  light  steel  racing  horsehoe. 
  4.  Loosely,  a  sporting  contest  for  a  prize;  specif.,  in  horse 
  racing,  a  race  for  a  prize,  the  contestants  not  making  a 
  5.  Skins  for  fur  linings  of  garments,  sewed  together  and 
  roughly  shaped,  but  not  finally  cut  or  fitted.  [Furrier's 
  6.  (Hat  Making)  The  fine  nap  (as  of  beaver,  hare's  wool, 
  musquash,  nutria,  or  English  black  wool)  on  a  hat  the  body 
  of  which  is  of  an  inferior  substance. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Plate  \Plate\,  n.  [OF.  plate  a  plate  of  metal,  a  cuirsas,  F. 
  plat  a  plate,  a  shallow  vessel  of  silver,  other  metal,  or 
  earth,  fr  plat  flat,  Gr  ?.  See  {Place},  n.] 
  1.  A  flat,  or  nearly  flat,  piece  of  metal,  the  thickness  of 
  which  is  small  in  comparison  with  the  other  dimensions;  a 
  thick  sheet  of  metal;  as  a  steel  plate. 
  2.  Metallic  armor  composed  of  broad  pieces. 
  Mangled  .  .  .  through  plate  and  mail  --Milton. 
  3.  Domestic  vessels  and  utensils,  as  flagons,  dishes,  cups, 
  etc.,  wrought  in  gold  or  silver. 
  4.  Metallic  ware  which  is  plated,  in  distinction  from  that 
  which  is  genuine  silver  or  gold. 
  5.  A  small  shallow,  and  usually  circular,  vessel  of  metal  or 
  wood,  or  of  earth  glazed  and  baked,  from  which  food  is 
  eaten  at  table. 
  6.  [Cf.  Sp  plata  silver.]  A  piece  of  money,  usually  silver 
  money.  [Obs.]  ``Realms  and  islands  were  as  plates  dropp'd 
  from  his  pocket.''  --Shak. 
  7.  A  piece  of  metal  on  which  anything  is  engraved  for  the 
  purpose  of  being  printed;  hence  an  impression  from  the 
  engraved  metal;  as  a  book  illustrated  with  plates;  a 
  fashion  plate. 
  8.  A  page  of  stereotype,  electrotype,  or  the  like  for 
  printing  from  as  publisher's  plates. 
  9.  That  part  of  an  artificial  set  of  teeth  which  fits  to  the 
  mouth,  and  holds  the  teeth  in  place  It  may  be  of  gold, 
  platinum,  silver,  rubber,  celluloid,  etc 
  10.  (Arch.)  A  horizontal  timber  laid  upon  a  wall,  or  upon 
  corbels  projecting  from  a  wall,  and  supporting  the  ends 
  of  other  timbers;  also  used  specifically  of  the  roof 
  plate  which  supports  the  ends  of  the  roof  trusses  or  in 
  simple  work  the  feet  of  the  rafters. 
  11.  (Her.)  A  roundel  of  silver  or  tinctured  argent. 
  12.  (Photog.)  A  sheet  of  glass,  porcelain,  metal,  etc.,  with 
  a  coating  that  is  sensitive  to  light. 
  13.  A  prize  giving  to  the  winner  in  a  contest. 
  Note:  Plate  is  sometimes  used  in  an  adjectival  sense  or  in 
  combination,  the  phrase  or  compound  being  in  most  cases 
  of  obvious  signification;  as  plate  basket  or 
  plate-basket,  plate  rack  or  plate-rack. 
  {Home  plate}.  (Baseball)  See  {Home  base},  under  {Home}. 
  {Plate  armor}. 
  a  See  {Plate},  n.,  2. 
  b  Strong  metal  plates  for  protecting  war  vessels, 
  fortifications,  and  the  like 
  {Plate  bone},  the  shoulder  blade,  or  scapula. 
  {Plate  girder},  a  girder,  the  web  of  which  is  formed  of  a 
  single  vertical  plate,  or  of  a  series  of  such  plates 
  riveted  together. 
  {Plate  glass}.  See  under  {Glass}. 
  {Plate  iron},  wrought  iron  plates. 
  {Plate  layer},  a  workman  who  lays  down  the  rails  of  a  railway 
  and  fixes  them  to  the  sleepers  or  ties. 
  {Plate  mark},  a  special  mark  or  emblematic  figure  stamped 
  upon  gold  or  silver  plate,  to  indicate  the  place  of 
  manufacture,  the  degree  of  purity,  and  the  like  thus  the 
  local  mark  for  London  is  a  lion. 
  {Plate  paper},  a  heavy  spongy  paper,  for  printing  from 
  engraved  plates.  --Fairholt. 
  {Plate  press},  a  press  with  a  flat  carriage  and  a  roller,  -- 
  used  for  printing  from  engraved  steel  or  copper  plates. 
  {Plate  printer},  one  who  prints  from  engraved  plates. 
  {Plate  printing},  the  act  or  process  of  printing  from  an 
  engraved  plate  or  plates. 
  {Plate  tracery}.  (Arch.)  See  under  {Tracery}. 
  {Plate  wheel}  (Mech.),  a  wheel,  the  rim  and  hub  of  which  are 
  connected  by  a  continuous  plate  of  metal,  instead  of  by 
  arms  or  spokes. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Plate  \Plate\,  v.  t.  [imp.  &  p.  p.  {Plated};  p.  pr  &  vb  n. 
  1.  To  cover  or  overlay  with  gold,  silver,  or  other  metals, 
  either  by  a  mechanical  process,  as  hammering,  or  by  a 
  chemical  process,  as  electrotyping. 
  2.  To  cover  or  overlay  with  plates  of  metal;  to  arm  with 
  metal  for  defense. 
  Thus  plated  in  habiliments  of  war.  --Shak. 
  3.  To  adorn  with  plated  metal;  as  a  plated  harness. 
  4.  To  beat  into  thin,  flat  pieces,  or  lamin[ae]. 
  5.  To  calender;  as  to  plate  paper. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  1:  (baseball)  a  rubber  slab  that  must  be  touched  by  a  base 
  runner  in  order  to  score;  "he  ruled  that  the  runner 
  failed  to  touch  home"  [syn:  {home  plate},  {home}] 
  2:  a  sheet  of  metal  or  wood  or  glass  or  plastic 
  3:  a  full-page  illustration  (usually  on  slick  paper) 
  4:  on  which  food  is  served  or  from  which  food  is  eaten 
  5:  the  quantity  contained  in  a  plate  [syn:  {plateful}] 
  6:  a  rigid  layer  of  the  lithosphere  that  is  believed  to  drift 
  7:  the  thin  under  portion  of  the  forequarter 
  8:  a  main  course  served  on  a  plate:  "a  vegetable  plate";  "the 
  blue  plate  special" 
  9:  any  flat  platelike  body  structure  or  part 
  10:  a  flat  sheet  of  metal  or  glass  on  which  a  photographic  image 
  can  be  recorded  [syn:  {photographic  plate}] 
  11:  a  horizontal  beam  that  provides  bearing  and  anchorage 
  12:  a  shallow  receptacle  for  collection  in  church  [syn:  {collection 
  13:  a  metal  sheathing  of  uniform  thickness  (such  as  the  shield 
  attached  to  an  artillery  piece  to  protect  the  gunners) 
  [syn:  {scale},  {shell}] 
  14:  the  position  on  a  baseball  team  of  the  player  who  is 
  stationed  behind  home  plate  and  who  catches  the  balls 
  that  the  pitcher  throws;  "a  catcher  needs  a  lot  of 
  protective  equipment";  "he  plays  behind  the  plate"  [syn: 
  v  :  coat  with  a  layer  of  metal 

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