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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  (1.)  Lev.  11:35.  Probably  a  cooking  furnace  for  two  or  more 
  pots,  as  the  Hebrew  word  here  is  in  the  dual  number;  or  perhaps 
  a  fire-place  fitted  to  receive  a  pair  of  ovens. 
  (2.)  2  Kings  11:8.  A  Hebrew  word  is  here  used  different  from 
  the  preceding,  meaning  "ranks  of  soldiers."  The  Levites  were 
  appointed  to  guard  the  king's  person  within  the  temple  (2  Chr. 
  23:7),  while  the  soldiers  were  his  guard  in  the  court,  and  in 
  going  from  the  temple  to  the  palace.  The  soldiers  are  here 
  commanded  to  slay  any  one  who  should  break  through  the  ranks" 
  (as  rendered  in  the  R.V.)  to  come  near  the  king.  In  2  Kings 
  11:15  the  expression,  "Have  her  forth  without  the  ranges,"  is  in 
  the  Revised  Version,  "Have  her  forth  between  the  ranks;"  i.e., 
  Jehoiada  orders  that  Athaliah  should  be  kept  surrounded  by  his 
  own  guards,  and  at  the  same  time  conveyed  beyond  the  precincts 
  of  the  temple. 

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