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  4  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Report  \Re*port"\  (r?-p?rt"),  v.  t.  [imp.  &  p.  p.  {Reported};  p. 
  pr  &  vb  n.  Reporting.]  [F.  reporter  to  carry  back  carry 
  (cf.  rapporter;  see  {Rapport}),  L.  reportare  to  bear  or  bring 
  back  pref.  re-  re-  +  portare  to  bear  or  bring  See  {Port} 
  bearing,  demeanor.] 
  1.  To  refer.  [Obs.] 
  Baldwin,  his  son,  .  .  .  succeeded  his  father;  so 
  like  unto  him  that  we  report  the  reader  to  the 
  character  of  King  Almeric,  and  will  spare  the 
  repeating  his  description.  --Fuller. 
  2.  To  bring  back  as  an  answer;  to  announce  in  return;  to 
  relate,  as  what  has  been  discovered  by  a  person  sent  to 
  examine,  explore,  or  investigate;  as  a  messenger  reports 
  to  his  employer  what  he  has  seen  or  ascertained;  the 
  committee  reported  progress. 
  There  is  no  man  that  may  reporten  all  --Chaucer. 
  3.  To  give  an  account  of  to  relate;  to  tell  to  circulate 
  publicly,  as  a  story;  as  in  the  common  phrase,  it  is 
  reported.  --Shak. 
  It  is  reported  among  the  heathen,  and  Gashmu  saith 
  it  that  thou  and  the  Jews  think  to  rebel.  --Neh. 
  vi  6. 
  4.  To  give  an  official  account  or  statement  of  as  a 
  treasurer  reports  the  receipts  and  expenditures. 
  5.  To  return  or  repeat,  as  sound;  to  echo.  [Obs.  or  R.]  ``A 
  church  with  windows  only  from  above,  that  reporteth  the 
  voice  thirteen  times.''  --Bacon. 
  6.  (Parliamentary  Practice)  To  return  or  present  as  the 
  result  of  an  examination  or  consideration  of  any  matter 
  officially  referred;  as  the  committee  reported  the  bill 
  witth  amendments,  or  reported  a  new  bill,  or  reported  the 
  results  of  an  inquiry. 
  7.  To  make  minutes  of  as  a  speech,  or  the  doings  of  a  public 
  body;  to  write  down  from  the  lips  of  a  speaker. 
  8.  To  write  an  account  of  for  publication,  as  in  a  newspaper; 
  as  to  report  a  public  celebration  or  a  horse  race. 
  9.  To  make  a  statement  of  the  conduct  of  especially  in  an 
  unfavorable  sense  as  to  report  a  servant  to  his 
  {To  be  reported},  or  {To  be  reported  of},  to  be  spoken  of  to 
  be  mentioned,  whether  favorably  or  unfavorably.  --Acts 
  xvi.  2. 
  {To  report  one's  self},  to  betake  one's  self  as  to  a 
  superior  or  one  to  whom  service  is  due,  and  be  in 
  readiness  to  receive  orders  or  do  service. 
  Syn:  To  relate;  narrate;  tell  recite;  describe. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Report  \Re*port"\  (r?-p?rt"),  v.  i. 
  1.  To  make  a  report,  or  response,  in  respect  of  a  matter 
  inquired  of  a  duty  enjoined,  or  information  expected;  as 
  the  committee  will  report  at  twelve  o'clock. 
  2.  To  furnish  in  writing  an  account  of  a  speech,  the 
  proceedings  at  a  meeting,  the  particulars  of  an 
  occurrence,  etc.,  for  publication. 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Report  \Re*port"\  (r[-e]*p[=o]rt"),  n.  [Cf.  F.  rapport.  See 
  {Report}.v.  t.] 
  1.  That  which  is  reported.  Specifically: 
  a  An  account  or  statement  of  the  results  of  examination 
  or  inquiry  made  by  request  or  direction;  relation. 
  ``From  Thetis  sent  as  spies  to  make  report.'' 
  b  A  story  or  statement  circulating  by  common  talk;  a 
  rumor;  hence  fame;  repute;  reputation. 
  It  was  a  true  report  that  I  heard  in  mine  own 
  land  of  thy  acts  and  of  thy  wisdom.  --1  Kings  x. 
  Cornelius  the  centurion,  a  just  man,  and  .  .  . 
  of  good  report  among  all  the  nation  of  the  Jews. 
  --Acts  x.  22. 
  c  Sound;  noise;  as  the  report  of  a  pistol  or  cannon. 
  d  An  official  statement  of  facts,  verbal  or  written; 
  especially,  a  statement  in  writing  of  proceedings  and 
  facts  exhibited  by  an  officer  to  his  superiors;  as 
  the  reports  of  the  heads  af  departments  to  Congress, 
  of  a  master  in  chancery  to  the  court,  of  committees  to 
  a  legislative  body,  and  the  like 
  e  An  account  or  statement  of  a  judicial  opinion  or 
  decision,  or  of  case  argued  and  determined  in  a  court 
  of  law,  chancery,  etc.;  also  in  the  plural,  the 
  volumes  containing  such  reports;  as  Coke's  Reports. 
  f  A  sketch,  or  a  fully  written  account,  of  a  speech, 
  debate,  or  the  proceedings  of  a  public  meeting, 
  legislative  body,  etc 
  2.  Rapport;  relation;  connection;  reference.  [Obs.] 
  The  corridors  worse,  having  no  report  to  the  wings 
  they  join  to  --Evelyn. 
  Syn:  Account;  relation;  narration;  detail;  description; 
  recital;  narrative;  story;  rumor;  hearsay. 
  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  n  1:  a  written  document  describing  the  findings  of  some 
  individual  or  group  "this  accords  with  the  recent  study 
  by  Hill  and  Dale"  [syn:  {study}] 
  2:  a  short  account  of  the  news  "the  report  of  his  speech"; 
  "the  story  was  on  the  11  o'clock  news";  "the  account  of 
  his  speech  that  was  given  on  the  evening  news  made  the 
  governor  furious"  [syn:  {news  report},  {story},  {account}, 
  {write  up}] 
  3:  the  act  of  informing  by  verbal  report;  "he  heard  reports 
  that  they  were  causing  trouble";  "by  all  accounts  they 
  were  a  happy  couple"  [syn:  {account}] 
  4:  a  sharp  explosive  sound  (especially  the  sound  of  a  gun 
  firing);  "they  heard  a  violent  report  followed  by  silence" 
  5:  a  written  evaluation  of  a  student's  scholarship  and 
  deportment;  "his  father  signed  his  report  card"  [syn:  {report 
  6:  an  essay  (especially  one  written  as  an  assignment);  "he  got 
  an  A  on  his  composition"  [syn:  {composition},  {paper},  {theme}] 
  7:  the  general  estimation  that  the  public  has  for  a  person;  "he 
  acquired  a  reputation  as  an  actor  before  he  started 
  writing";  "he  was  a  person  of  bad  report"  [syn:  {reputation}] 
  v  1:  to  give  an  account  or  representation  of  in  words:  "Discreet 
  Italian  police  described  it  in  a  manner  typically 
  continental."  [syn:  {describe}] 
  2:  announce  as  the  result  of  an  investigation,  or  announce 
  something  to  the  proper  authorities;  "Dozens  of  incidents 
  of  wife  beatings  are  reported  daily  in  this  city";  "The 
  team  reported  significant  advances  in  their  research" 
  3:  announce  one's  presence;  "I  report  to  work  every  day  at  9 
  4:  make  known  to  the  authorities;  "One  student  reported  the 
  other  to  the  principal"  [syn:  {turn  in}] 
  5:  be  responsible  for  reporting  the  details  of  as  in 
  journalism;  "Snow  reported  on  China  in  the  1950's";  "The 
  cub  reporter  covered  New  York  City"  [syn:  {cover}] 
  6:  complain  about  make  a  charge  against;  "I  reported  her  to 
  the  superviser" 

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