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  From  WordNet  r  1.6  [wn]: 
  adj  1:  continuing  forever  or  indefinitely;  "the  ageless  themes  of 
  love  and  revenge";  "eternal  truths";  "life 
  everlasting";  "hell's  perpetual  fires";  "the  unending 
  bliss  of  heaven"  [syn:  {ageless},  {eternal},  {everlasting}, 
  {perpetual},  {unending}] 
  2:  uninterrupted  in  time  and  indefinitely  long  continuing;  "the 
  ceaseless  thunder  of  surf";  "in  constant  pain";  "night  and 
  day  we  live  with  the  incessant  noise  of  the  city";  "the 
  never-ending  search  for  happiness";  "the  perpetual 
  struggle  to  maintain  standards  in  a  democracy";  "man's 
  unceasing  warfare  with  drought  and  isolation"; 
  "unremitting  demands  of  hunger"  [syn:  {ceaseless},  {constant}, 
  {incessant},  {never-ending},  {perpetual},  {unremitting}] 

more about unceasing