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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  plain,  in  the  Revised  Version  of  2  Kings  14:25;  Josh.  3:16; 
  8:14;  2  Sam.  2:29;  4:7  (in  all  these  passages  the  A.V.  has 
  "plain");  Amos  6:14  (A.V.  "wilderness").  This  word  is  found  in 
  the  Authorized  Version  only  in  Josh.  18:18.  It  denotes  the 
  hollow  depression  through  which  the  Jordan  flows  from  the  Lake 
  of  Galilee  to  the  Dead  Sea.  It  is  now  called  by  the  Arabs 
  el-Ghor.  But  the  Ghor  is  sometimes  spoken  of  as  extending  10 
  miles  south  of  the  Dead  Sea,  and  thence  to  the  Gulf  of  Akabah  on 
  the  Red  Sea  is  called  the  Wady  el-Arabah.