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  2  definitions  found 
  From  Webster's  Revised  Unabridged  Dictionary  (1913)  [web1913]: 
  Corban  \Cor"ban\  (k[^o]r"b[a^]n),  n.  [Heb.  qorb[=a]n,  akin  to 
  Ar  qurb[=a]n.] 
  1.  (Jewish  Antiq.)  An  offering  of  any  kind  devoted  to  God 
  and  therefore  not  to  be  appropriated  to  any  other  use 
  esp.,  an  offering  in  fulfillment  of  a  vow. 
  Note:  In  the  old  Testament  the  hebrew  word  is  usually 
  translated  ``oblation''  as  in  --Numb.  xviii.  9,  xxxi. 
  Note:  The  traditionists  laid  down  that  a  man  might  interdict 
  himself  by  vow,  not  only  from  using  for  himself,  but 
  from  giving  to  another,  or  receiving  from  him  some 
  particular  object,  whether  of  food  or  any  other  kind  A 
  person  might  thus  exempt  himself  from  assisting  parents 
  in  distress,  under  plea  of  corban.  --Dr.  W.  Smith. 
  2.  An  alms  basket;  a  vessel  to  receive  gifts  of  charity;  a 
  treasury  of  the  church,  where  offerings  are  deposited. 
  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  a  Hebrew  word  adopted  into  the  Greek  of  the  New  Testament  and 
  left  untranslated  It  occurs  only  once  (Mark  7:11).  It  means  a 
  gift  or  offering  consecrated  to  God.  Anything  over  which  this 
  word  was  once  pronounced  was  irrevocably  dedicated  to  the 
  temple.  Land,  however,  so  dedicated  might  be  redeemed  before  the 
  year  of  jubilee  (Lev.  27:16-24).  Our  Lord  condemns  the  Pharisees 
  for  their  false  doctrine,  inasmuch  as  by  their  traditions  they 
  had  destroyed  the  commandment  which  requires  children  to  honour 
  their  father  and  mother,  teaching  them  to  find  excuse  from 
  helping  their  parents  by  the  device  of  pronouncing  Corban"  over 
  their  goods,  thus  reserving  them  to  their  own  selfish  use