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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  early  used  in  foreign  commerce  by  the  Phoenicians  (Gen.  49:13). 
  Moses  (Deut.  28:68)  and  Job  (9:26)  make  reference  to  them  and 
  Balaam  speaks  of  the  "ships  of  Chittim"  (Num.  24:24).  Solomon 
  constructed  a  navy  at  Ezion-geber  by  the  assistance  of  Hiram's 
  sailors  (1  Kings  9:26-28;  2  Chr.  8:18).  Afterwards,  Jehoshaphat 
  sought  to  provide  himself  with  a  navy  at  the  same  port,  but  his 
  ships  appear  to  have  been  wrecked  before  they  set  sail  (1  Kings 
  22:48,  49;  2  Chr.  20:35-37). 
  In  our  Lord's  time  fishermen's  boats  on  the  Sea  of  Galilee 
  were  called  "ships."  Much  may  be  learned  regarding  the 
  construction  of  ancient  merchant  ships  and  navigation  from  the 
  record  in  Acts  27,  28. 

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