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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  blowing  from  the  four  quarters  of  heaven  (Jer.  49:36;  Ezek. 
  37:9;  Dan.  8:8;  Zech.  2:6).  The  east  wind  was  parching  (Ezek. 
  17:10;  19:12),  and  is  sometimes  mentioned  as  simply  denoting  a 
  strong  wind  (Job  27:21;  Isa.  27:8).  This  wind  prevails  in 
  Palestine  from  February  to  June,  as  the  west  wind  (Luke  12:54) 
  does  from  November  to  February.  The  south  was  a  hot  wind  (Job 
  37:17;  Luke  12:55).  It  swept  over  the  Arabian  peninsula.  The 
  rush  of  invaders  is  figuratively  spoken  of  as  a  whirlwind  (Isa. 
  21:1);  a  commotion  among  the  nations  of  the  world  as  a  striving 
  of  the  four  winds  (Dan.  7:2).  The  winds  are  subject  to  the 
  divine  power  (Ps.  18:10;  135:7). 

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