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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  whom  Jehovah  helps.  (1.)  Son  of  Ethan,  of  the  tribe  of  Judah  (1 
  Chr.  2:8). 
  (2.)  Son  of  Ahimaaz,  who  succeeded  his  grandfather  Zadok  as 
  high  priest  (1  Chr.  6:9;  1  Kings  4:2)  in  the  days  of  Solomon.  He 
  officiated  at  the  consecration  of  the  temple  (1  Chr.  6:10). 
  (3.)  The  son  of  Johanan,  high  priest  in  the  reign  of  Abijah 
  and  Asa  (2  Chr.  6:10,  11). 
  (4.)  High  priest  in  the  reign  of  Uzziah,  king  of  Judah  (2 
  Kings  14:21;  2  Chr.  26:17-20).  He  was  contemporary  with  the 
  prophets  Isaiah,  Amos,  and  Joel. 
  (5.)  High  priest  in  the  days  of  Hezekiah  (2  Chr.  31:10-13).  Of 
  the  house  of  Zadok. 
  (6.)  Several  other  priests  and  Levites  of  this  name  are 
  mentioned  (1  Chr.  6:36;  Ezra  7:1;  1  Chr.  9:11;  Neh.  3:23,  etc.). 
  (7.)  The  original  name  of  Abed-nego  (Dan.  1:6,  7,  11,  16).  He 
  was  of  the  royal  family  of  Judah,  and  with  his  other  two 
  companions  remarkable  for  his  personal  beauty  and  his 
  intelligence  as  well  as  piety. 
  (8.)  The  son  of  Oded,  a  remarkable  prophet  in  the  days  of  Asa 
  (2  Chr.  15:1).  He  stirred  up  the  king  and  the  people  to  a  great 
  national  reformation. 
  From  Hitchcock's  Bible  Names  Dictionary  (late  1800's)  [hitchcock]: 
  Azariah,  he  that  hears  the  Lord