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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  a  bee.  (1.)  Rebekah's  nurse.  She  accompanied  her  mistress  when 
  she  left  her  father's  house  in  Padan-aram  to  become  the  wife  of 
  Isaac  (Gen.  24:59).  Many  years  afterwards  she  died  at  Bethel, 
  and  was  buried  under  the  "oak  of  weeping",  Allon-bachuth  (35:8). 
  (2.)  A  prophetess,  wife"  (woman?)  of  Lapidoth.  Jabin,  the 
  king  of  Hazor,  had  for  twenty  years  held  Israel  in  degrading 
  subjection.  The  spirit  of  patriotism  seemed  crushed  out  of  the 
  nation.  In  this  emergency  Deborah  roused  the  people  from  their 
  lethargy.  Her  fame  spread  far  and  wide.  She  became  a  "mother  in 
  Israel"  (Judg.  4:6,  14;  5:7),  and  "the  children  of  Israel  came 
  up  to  her  for  judgment"  as  she  sat  in  her  tent  under  the  palm 
  tree  "between  Ramah  and  Bethel."  Preparations  were  everywhere 
  made  by  her  direction  for  the  great  effort  to  throw  off  the  yoke 
  of  bondage.  She  summoned  Barak  from  Kadesh  to  take  the  command 
  of  10,000  men  of  Zebulun  and  Naphtali,  and  lead  them  to  Mount 
  Tabor  on  the  plain  of  Esdraelon  at  its  north-east  end  With  his 
  aid  she  organized  this  army.  She  gave  the  signal  for  attack,  and 
  the  Hebrew  host  rushed  down  impetuously  upon  the  army  of  Jabin, 
  which  was  commanded  by  Sisera,  and  gained  a  great  and  decisive 
  victory.  The  Canaanitish  army  almost  wholly  perished.  That  was  a 
  great  and  ever-memorable  day  in  Israel.  In  Judg.  5  is  given  the 
  grand  triumphal  ode,  the  "song  of  Deborah,"  which  she  wrote  in 
  grateful  commemoration  of  that  great  deliverance.  (See  LAPIDOTH 
  T0002240,  {JABIN}  [2].) 
  From  Hitchcock's  Bible  Names  Dictionary  (late  1800's)  [hitchcock]: 
  Deborah,  word  thing  a  bee