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  From  Easton's  1897  Bible  Dictionary  [easton]: 
  house  of  security  or  rest,  a  city  which  belonged  to  Manasseh  (1 
  Chr.  7:29),  on  the  west  of  Jordan.  The  bodies  of  Saul  and  his 
  sons  were  fastened  to  its  walls.  In  Solomon's  time  it  gave  its 
  name  to  a  district  (1  Kings  4:12).  The  name  is  found  in  an 
  abridged  form  Bethshan,  in  1  Sam.  31:10,  12  and  2  Sam.  21:12. 
  It  is  on  the  road  from  Jerusalem  to  Damascus,  about  5  miles  from 
  the  Jordan,  and  14  from  the  south  end  of  the  Lake  of  Gennesaret. 
  After  the  Captivity  it  was  called  Scythopolis  i.e.,  "the  city 
  of  the  Scythians,"  who  about  B.C.  640  came  down  from  the  steppes 
  of  Southern  Russia  and  settled  in  different  places  in  Syria.  It 
  is  now  called  Beisan